If you’ve been paying attention these past two weeks, it’s become a weekly tradition where I round up my favorite new music released. Friday is a sacred day for those in the music industry: the day to release new singles. Spotify literally has New Music Friday for a reason.

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I have this bad habit where I’ll obsess over a song and replay it for about a two week period…and then I’m tired. I’m ready for something new, but finding new music sometimes feels daunting.

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A New Era Of Olivia O'Brien

Olivia On Going Independent And Her New Single "Born With A Broken Heart"

By now, the music industry is no stranger to Olivia O’Brien’s crooning voice. Her relatable lyrics and pop-alternative sound have given us hit chart-dominating tracks like “R.I.P.”, “Josslyn”, and “hate u love u”. She has a way of putting precise emotions into lyrics that every fan can relate to.
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Sell Your Weekend 2 Ticket — Coachella Has Fallen Off

Is Coachella even worth it anymore? Apparently, the once-must-go music experience has fallen off and 2023’s Weekend 1 proves it.

Is Coachella worth it?

Photo by Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash

On Wednesday, April 19th Frank Ocean announced that he would not appear for his scheduled Weekend 2 set at the Coachella music festival, fans everywhere lost their minds. But after his controversial Weekend 1 performance, most Frank Ocean devotees were not surprised. And given the festival’s declining attention, many claims this is the final nail in the Coachella coffin. So sell your ticket and spend your weekend doing literally anything else — Coachella is dead and Frank Ocean buried it.

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The Cranberry Juice-Drinking, Longboarding Warehouse Worker Who Made Stevie Nicks Join TikTok

Nathan Apodaca, AKA @420doggface208, is bringing the relief and escapism we all need. Mick Fleetwood agrees.

Nathan Apodaca - FOX 5 Washington DC

via youtube.com

It's become something of a legend at this point.

Nathan Apodaca was on his way to the Idaho potato factory where he had worked for over 13 years when his trusty old Dodge Durango's battery went out.

"I was just sitting there, and I'm like, 'OK, I'm not gonna sit here and wait for nobody to pull some jumper cables,' " he told NPR. "'I'm not gonna flag anyone down.' So I grab my juice, grab my longboard, started heading to work."

The 37-year-old pulled out his longboard and a jug of his beloved Ocean Spray cranberry juice and began making his way to work. Then he took out his phone.

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Get Your Irish On With This St Patrick’s Day Playlist

Skip the shamrocks - Hit play on this playlist

Photo by Amanda Marie (Unsplash)

Green beer is passé, trite, and, frankly, shameful. So is any kind of headgear featuring glittery shamrocks.

This Saint Patrick’s Day it’s time to shake things up musically. We put on our thinking caps – sans shamrocks – and compiled a Paddy’s Day Playlist with 10 tunes that are sure to please connoisseurs of Irish-inflected music.

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