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This Haunts Me: "My Immortal" May Be One of the Greatest Works of Postmodern Art

Was "My Immortal" a genuine work of terrible fanfiction, or was it a big ironic joke all along?

For fiction enthusiasts in the early 2000s, was the place to be.

In 1998, launched as a hub for fanfiction stories. The Internet was still in its Golden Age of lawlessness and creativity, with decentralized fan communities spread across personal websites and niche forums. Each brimmed with their own politics and drama, and for fans of children's novels, especially Harry Potter, fanfiction was serious business.

Battle lines were drawn over which Harry Potter characters you shipped (in explicit detail, usually). Fanfiction with the correct ships would be lauded as the greatest thing since real Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, and bad ships would be derided as blasphemy. Dissent could mean being banned forever from the biggest online communities for your favorite series.

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The 8 Worst Sex Scenes in Movie History

Sometimes, love scenes aren't so hot.


You would think trained actors would be able to have good sex on camera.

But a good sex scene is hard to film well, and when it doesn't go well the end result can easily make stomachs churn. There are some films that just stick with you for all the wrong reasons, and these eight films take the cake for the most gut-wrenching and cringe-worthy sex scenes in cinema.

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Death Cab For Cutie Releases "The Georgia EP" to Raise Money for Fair Fight

The EP will be available to purchase for a 24-hour period on Friday, December 4th.

Death Cab For Cutie

Beloved and iconic alt-emo outlet Death Cab For Cutie is releasing an EP of covers, called "The Georgia EP," which will be exclusively available for a 24-hour period on Friday, December 4th.

The release, available only on Bandcamp, features covers of artists from the great state of Georgia. Here's the full tracklist:

1. Waterfalls (TLC cover)

2. The King of Carrot Flowers, Pt. 1 (Neutral Milk Hotel cover)

3. Fall On Me (R.E.M. cover)

4. Flirted With You All My Life (Vic Chesnutt cover)

5. Metal Heart (Cat Power cover)

The album will be available to purchase at 12:01AM PST at

All proceeds from the EP will be donated to Stacey Abrams' Fair Fight organization, which is fighting voter suppression in Georgia. This year, Georgia's runoff elections—held on January 5th—will determine whether the U.S. Senate holds a Democratic or Republican majority. The deadline to register to vote in Georgia is December 7th.

Georgia's Senate elections went to runoffs this year because candidates in Georgia must receive more than 50% of the vote to win, and none of the state's Senate candidates did. Now, the election has gone to a runoff between Democrats Rev. Raphael Warnock and John Ossoff and Republicans Kelly Loeffler (the richest member of the Senate) and climate denier, corporate fund-recipient, and anti-gay-marriage supporter David Perdue.

The Democrats need to win both seats to achieve a Senate win. Without winning these seats, the Senate will once again have Mitch McConnell as majority leader, and McConnell's life passion is destroying Democratic legislation and arguing for smaller stimulus packages. Needless to say, the stakes are high.

On Thursday, December 3rd, Gibbard is playing in Rock the Runoff, a virtual concert featuring Monica, John Legend, Justin Timberlake, Common, the Indigo Girls, Michael Stipe of R.E.M. and many more. Tickets, which will also benefit Fair Fight, can be purchased here. One can donate directly to Fair Fight by clicking here.

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11 of the Weirdest Commercials of All Time

Most commercials only want your money. These want your sanity.

In the world of advertising, grabbing the viewer's attention is key.

Sure, you could just list off the benefits of whatever you're selling in a straightforward manner, but is that going to leave an impression?

You want your audience to take notice. You want to keep them thinking about your ad for days and weeks afterward — to infect their brains with a little consumerist parasite that reminds them to cough up their money in pursuit of a false sense of fulfillment. So anything you can do to make your ad stand out from the crowd is a good thing, right?

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Jay-Z's 7 Best Albums

On his 51st birthday, we take a look at Jay-Z's best albums.

Shawn Carter, AKA Jay-Z, was born December 4, 1969. He was raised in Marcy Houses, a housing project in Brooklyn, NY. He discovered a passion for music at a young age but became heavily involved in the streets as a crack cocaine dealer.

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