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What To Stream in May 2021

Here's the most anticipated original content coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, SHOWTIME, and more

Ziwe on Showtime

May 2021 offers many promises: The new CDC rules for vaccinated Americans mean the return of a more normal social life, more activities, and less time spent indoors.

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In the first episode of Marriage or Mortgage, Netflix's Nashville-based reality show, we meet Liz and Evan, a music-loving couple trying to decide whether they should spend $35,000 on a down payment for a house or the wedding of their dreams.

Eager to help them with their decision are wedding planner Sarah Miller and real estate agent Nichole Holmes, who each get a day to spend with the couple and persuade them to make the "right" choice.

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With traditional in-person concerts on pause until further notice, music fans are scrambling to get their dose of live music.

Thankfully, Netflix boasts an impressive roster of not only musicals, but music documentaries that are just as educational as they are enthralling. Whether your tastes veer towards classic rock legends or modern-day hip-hop ringleaders, there's a documentary for you hidden in the depths of Netflix's catalog.

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Film Reviews

"Concrete Cowboy" Tells the Untold Story of Black Urban Cowboys

In a refreshing coming-of-age story, the unacknowledged Black cowboy subculture finds recognition

You can tell how Concrete Cowboy is going to end within 15 minutes of watching the film. In it, a troubled Black teenager, played by Caleb McLaughlin of Stranger Things, is sent to live with his estranged father for the summer.

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Best Movies Coming to Netflix In April 2021

This month offers a little bit of everything.


Many disappointed moviegoers were hoping things would turn around by this month.

James Bond's next adventure was set to take the big screen this month, and Black Widow was set to close it out. While it's disappointing to admit that there is still a pandemic outside, there are still a number of great flicks coming to Netflix this month.

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Behind Her Eyes

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for Netflix's "Behind Her Eyes."

I watched Netflix's Behind Her Eyes about a week ago, and I still can't stop thinking about it. As someone who has always been obsessed with stories about dreams, fractured realities, and flawed memories (somehow always involving fires and mental institutions, both of which the show features as well), the show seemed right up my alley. In many ways, it was exactly my kind of show — a twisty blend of drama, psychological thriller, romance, and surreal world-hopping.

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