Thanksgiving has always been about food.

We suffer through the awkward small talk and often anti-climactic football games for the sake of the meal that awaits us at the end of the day, and even then that "meal" is representative of ethnic cleansing and genocide. But there are a few other pros that lay outside of gorging yourself on mashed potatoes. The holiday always falls on a Thursday, which means you always have a four day weekend. Black Friday is also the following day, so despite whatever infuriating experiences you may have on Thanksgiving with your family, you can at least rest easy knowing you can go out and buy enough stuff to numb the pain.

These reasons alone are enough to warrant celebration. So while you clench your jaw through what is almost guaranteed to be a painfully long afternoon, why not curate some music to help elevate your mood and remind yourself that a four day weekend of relaxation awaits?

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Ty Dolla $ign, The Gorillaz, and Bruce Springsteen have all returned.

Those scouring the internet for new music won't have far to look as a magnetic pop star, a genre-defying cartoon band, and a New Jersey rock icon have all released amazing (and long) projects today. But more in-depth inspection will always lead to rewarding results.

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Interview: Rexx Life Raj Is Fighting to Stay "Optimistic"

The melodic rapper spoke on the Breonna Taylor verdict, survivors guilt and the state of his new EP California Poppy 2

Yazid Johnson

A few hours before I spoke with Rexx Life Raj, the Louisville AG issued his disheartening verdict in the Breonna Taylor case.

Faraji Omar Wright grew up in the church, with his father closely affiliated with The Black Panthers. As a result, Rexx speaks with candid transparency. His thoughts appear fully formed as they leave his lips, even in regard to unfolding situations like Breonna Taylor's. "That's definitely not the type of sh*t you wanna wake up to," Rex said. The melodic rapper has been laying low for the last few months, sprinkling the final touches on his upcoming EP, California Poppy 2 at his home studio in Vallejo, California and spending much needed time with his mom, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Despite the hardships, he views quarantine as a "blessing in disguise."

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: 451's Ominous R&B Is "a Trip"

The underground singer is set to release his new album Night Vision by the end of this month

Obai Ismail often finds himself unable to describe what his music sounds like.

The young crooner, who goes by the moniker 451, crafts rich atmospheric pop songs that teeter on the line between rap and R&B. He is clearly inspired by the hazy atmospherics of Trilogy-era Abel Tesfaye–but without Tesfaye's lumbering execution; instead, Ismail snaps with urgency and hits each note with buoyancy.

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Wifisfuneral Has Nothing New to Say on "PAIN?"

But the album offers sprinkles of promise as to the artist he could become

Throughout the majority of his early career, Florida rapper Wifisfuneral found solace in the darkness.

While critically divisive, his mixtape anthology was muddied and murky, bogged down by the mental illness and drug addiction that nearly took Isaiah Rivera's life. "Get this weight off me," he says, exhausted on 2018's "Loading Withdrawals." "I've been itchin'' for a fixin come get this weight off me." Those who have pushed back against addiction can relate to Wifi's self-beratement. There's no poetic way to describe the agony of withdrawal; it just f*cking sucks. "Which one of y'all get it?" he asks his listeners bluntly on 2019's "All Bones (Intro)."

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Slept On: New Releases from UnoTheActivist, SahBabii, and More

SahBabii, UnoTheActivist and more make up this weeks under appreciated releases

Juice WRLD's posthumous release, Legends Never Die, has already sold over 400,000 copies, putting it in the running for the biggest release of 2020.

Meanwhile, Summer Walker confidently returns with a sleek new E.P., Kid Cudi and Marshall Mathers unite for the first time, James Blake quietly dropped a shadowy new track, and H.E.R. added a splash of reggae flavor to her new track "Do To Me." While it was a big week for the mainstream, it was equally as massive for the underground. Upcoming mumble emcee SahBabii's released an infectious collection of wavy, levitative hip-hop, and the iconic Fresh Veggies duo of Casey Veggies and Rockie Fresh return for their second outing. Check out the latest underground releases below.

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