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Billie Eilish Throws a Summer Shindig in Self-Directed "Lost Cause" Video

The new track precedes Eilish's upcoming sophomore record, "Happier Than Ever."

Billie Eilish, "Lost Cause"

Billie Eilish has shared a new song called "Lost Cause."

The laid-back track marks the fourth single from Eilish's upcoming sophomore album, Happier Than Ever. "Lost Cause" also arrives with a self-directed music video that depicts Eilish having a house party with a small group of friends. Watch it below.

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Emily Wolfe

Emily Wolfe just released "Something Better," the first single off her upcoming album, Outlier, out June 25.

A virtuosic musician who has already made a real name for herself in the guitar community, Wolfe is the kind of artist whom you can just tell was born to play.

Wolfe has been playing the guitar since the age of five, and her playing has a kind of agelessness to it. She released her first album in 2014 and has been steadily touring since then. Recently, she designed a guitar in partnership with the company Epiphone, an opportunity that is extremely rare for an emerging artist but that's a testament to Wolfe's talent and magnetism.

Emily Wolfe at Paste Studio NYC live from The Manhattan Center

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Ryan Montbleau releases new EP "Wood"

Ryan Montbleau is recognized for being a mesmerizing folk singer with an organic, gritty sound.

Now, he has released the first of four upcoming EPs. Entitled Wood, this four-song body of work features striking acoustic tracks layered with gentle grace and bold heart. The reflective offering explores topics such as perfectionism, the expectations placed upon men and women, and finding appreciation in the little things.

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One of the top comments on any Briston Maroney music video is some version of, "How is this guy not huge?!"

Of course, to call the Nashville-based singer songwriter a small indie act isn't exactly correct either, since he's racked up nearly 53 million streams on Spotify on his song "Freakin' Out On the Interstate" alone and climbed to the top of alternative charts multiple times.

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Cristóvam releases new single "Love Be On My Side"

Cristóvam's single "Love Be On My Side" just dropped, and it is not one to miss.

The single, which was recorded between Namouche Studios in Lisbon and Cristóvam's own Fortitude Studios in the Azores, has a tasteful balance of grittier tones and softer folk/country flares.

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Hayley Sales and Sharon Stone collaborate on new single

If you've ever paused in life for a moment and imagined how the exhilarating pangs and longings of a blossoming new love might sound in music, your mind might conjure something like "Never Before."

"Never Before" is a sophisticated and tender love song created by singer/songwriter Hayley Sales and icon/actress Sharon Stone.

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