Until I moved to the Midwest, I had never pranced into a Walmart, mainly because the only one close to me in Los Angeles was on Crenshaw Blvd and secondly, because like all Angelenos, I was partial to Tar-jay.

Whenever people would send me a link to the People of Walmart website, I would laugh “ha, ha," but never really bought that those kind of people actually lived and breathed in the said discount department store.

92-Year-Old Allegedly Rushed To Hospital After Bedazzling Her Vagina

I mean, how different could it be than Target, right?


One day, I ventured into a Walmart in Des Moines, Iowa, because my boyfriend told me they were one of the only stores who (somewhat ironically) carried his favorite Horizon Organic 1% Chocolate Milk.

Identical Twins Caught Shoplifting Identical Items — It Had To Be In Walmart

As soon as I entered the vast royal blue hued emporium filled with cheaply priced everythings of every shape and size and flavor, I noticed I was surrounded by the People of Walmart species.

Tummies hanging over tight jeans, braless boobies bouncing around underneath flimsy crop tops, men wearing Duck Dynasty camouflage and rocking ironic t-shirts unironically.

Woman Allegedly Arrested For Masturbating With A Sausage In Walmart

It got worse when I mozied on down to the baby section to pick up some diapers for my baby, and was met by several frightening looking and not-quite-legal girls, who probably tried out for Teen Mom and didn't make it, pushing shopping carts full of formula and Coors Light.

I wanted to pull out my iPhone and start snapping photos to Instagram to my friends in California, to let the world know that it was all true and real and these people from the website were living and breathing while shopping for bargains, but I was scared I would be discovered and beaten to a pulp by a granny in jeggings with her fake tits pouring out of her cami.

Arkansas Woman Reportedly Arrested For Trying On Tampons In Walmart

With the help of our friends at PoW, I have personally curated a gallery (because if you go to their website there are thousands more of these creatures available for viewing) for Popdust of 25 photos that prove these people are alive and haunting Walmart stores across the country.

Only seeing is believing.

Check out these 25 photos that prove that 'People of Walmart' really exist...and that they are a totally different species than what you find at Target.