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Phoebe Bridgers' "Punisher" Is a Devastating Masterpiece

Three years after her solo debut, the L.A. folk singer goes bigger and better.

Phoebe Bridgers promised that a main tenet of her sophomore album, Punisher, would be "crying," as if emotional anguish hadn't been the driving force of her career thus far.

While the Los Angelean singer/songwriter asserts that she loves her life and hasn't experienced much more trauma than your average 25-year-old woman, she also recognizes that despair is a widely-shared experience. Punisher expands on Bridgers' knack for gut-wrenching lyrics served with a wit that could cut diamonds; this is, after all, the same musician whose breakthrough came with an upbeat diss track about her abuser.

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Summer Walker loves creating music but despises the music industry.

She regularly considers retirement and ended her 2019 tour early because of social anxiety. "I hope that people understand and respect that at the end of the day I'm a person, I have feelings, I get tired, I get sad," she said in a video post. "I don't want to lose myself for someone else." She was relentlessly vilified for her decision. Fans cited stiff meet-and-greets and chalked up Walker's cancellations to a sense of entitlement.

Then she was presented with the "Best New Artist" award at the 2019 Soul Train Awards, and her hurried acceptance speech was dissected by tasteless memes all across the country. Walker's candid cries for understanding remained completely ignored by years end. The truth of the matter is that Walker suffers from anxiety and stage fright that is all but totally crippling. So she did what any misunderstood artist does, she disappeared and stopped saying anything at all.

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Detergent is detergent, right?

We thought they were all the same until our staff started doing some research on the big brands as well as the smaller companies with cult followings.

Comparing and contrasting detergents may seem mundane, so we did all the hard work for you! Based on research and reviews, we wanted to look at these top favorites to figure out which was the best: Tide, Love Home And Planet, Seventh Generation, MyGreenFills, and Biokleen.

Here are our findings:


Everyone knows the classic orange jug and has used it at some point, but when we went to do research on the actual product, we were overwhelmed. There are so many different versions! With high-efficiency versions, greener versions, gentler versions, etc., we doubted the original was the best. Similar to the green Gain jug, there were too many options for us to give the brand a fair assessment. This is the most basic detergent.

One of our staffers is also freaked out by the blue - why is it so, so blue? The artificial dye isn't necessary at all. We did some research and found out that companies use a blue dye to trick consumers into thinking their whites & colors are brighter....sadly they're not.

Love, Home, And Planet

This one has great reviews from users - they're vegan, cruelty-free, and highly concentrated. You only need a little bit of formula for a full wash, and reviews thank them for the efficiency! However, this company is heavily targeted towards women. The scents are overpowering and way too feminine, like "Rose Petal & Murumuru" or "Lavender & Argan Oil." If you're living in a home with anyone sensitive to strong fragrance or not particularly fond of feminine scents, this one may not be the best choice.

Seventh Generation

One of the most well-known green cleaning companies, Seventh Generation has a line of laundry detergents that are free of dyes and synthetic fragrances. They have regular versions in scents like citrus and lavender, and highly concentrated versions that boast 66 loads per 23 oz. bottle. The bottle is also made from recycled plastic!


On the green scene is Biokleen - they have, vegan, hypoallergenic highly concentrated formulas in different scents, including unscented. They have an impressive list of ingredients they refuse to use, but unfortunately, their formulas don't seem to be heavy-duty - it doesn't seem to pass the stain test that most detergents do. If someone in your household is particularly messy (everyone from babies to red-wine drinkers) this may not be the right choice.


This small green company offers something different: refills. They're an online retailer, so you can get your first jugs of laundry wash delivered to your door, and then sign up for refills, so you're not producing more plastic bottles. We loved the idea, and the fact that they also boast potent formulas - their unscented, toxin-free laundry detergent (they call it "wash") only costs $0.14 per load compared to around $0.30 for big-name detergents. Affordable, green, and high efficiency - we love it!

If you want a scent, they offer a scented formula that is not overpowering, yet perfectly pronounced by plant and essential oils.

People love their laundry wash and love the reduction of plastic!

Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Laundry Supplies

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Overall Verdict

Out of all the laundry detergent, we're loving the MyGreenFills Laundry Wash. It's high-quality and concentrated with no toxins, and is more affordable than some of the other green options. Honestly, we didn't miss that "laundry smell" we'd grown up with - the unscented wash just made everything smell fresh and clean, and if we wanted more, the essential oil blends are absolutely lovely (those of us who prefer scented wash were pleased that it smelled so lovely without being overpowering).

Even though they don't have the name recognition of Tide or even Seventh Generation, we found that we actually preferred a smaller company - their customer reviews are excellent and with such a wide range of products, we're excited to try everything.

Plus, their detergent really cleans, unlike a lot of other "green cleaners" in the space. This green company has something for everything: they offer hand soap, all-purpose cleaners, wood cleaners, essential oils, wool dryer balls, laundry wash and SO much more, all without parabens, toxins, or fragrances.

We'd recommend MyGreenFills for anyone who wants affordable, green, high-efficiency laundry products delivered straight to their door!

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