PREMIERE | Ryan Hamilton and the Harlequin Ghosts with "Bottom's Up"

The group gives a new vibe to an old hit and follows it up with an original

"There's something special about this song that gets me extra excited."

Although the name of Ryan Hamilton's band has changed over the years, their ability to know what makes a good song has not. An American among Brits in his band, Hamilton has not been afraid to shy away from the U.S. past when seeking out inspiration for their music, especially with their new material. He has also spent years bouncing around the music scene in bands such as People On Vacation and Smile Smile, giving him a resume worthy of producing a hit (or at least re-working one).

We have the exclusive premiere of the video for their latest single, "Bottom's Up" followed by an interview with Ryan Hamilton about everything that went into the recording plus what is coming up for them next.

Hear the new single "Bottom's Up" below!

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