As we all know by now, Miley Cyrus—AKA everyone's favorite weed smokin' Schwarzenegger shagging, tongue poking, crotch grabbing, twerking bundle of awesomeness—just LOVES to get her tits out….. at any and every opportunity.

And why not? If you've got them, flaunt them… right?

Well, not everyone agrees with that sentiment, and that's one of the driving causes behind the Free The Nipple campaign.

As Popdust previously reported, our favorite Willis sister, Scout, raised awareness of the movement earlier this year, when she roamed around NYC totally topless.

You go girl!

Big sister Rumer Willis is also a nipple activist, along with a slew of other celebs, including Cara Delevingne, Chelsea Handler, Keira Knightly and Rihanna—so, it was only a matter of time before Miley jumped on the right to bare bandwagon.

Cyrus posted a very tasteful black and white photo of herself topless, reclining, on her Instagram account—to protest the social media site's ludicrous nipple ban—and, not surprisingly, it immediately went viral.

Instagram has since removed the offending photo—because, well, is there ANYTHING more offensive than a woman choosing to go topless?!! How VERY dare they?!!!

However, they continue to allow sleaze bag douches like self professed "Instagram playboy" Dan Bilzerian to post revolting, misogynistic photos of half clad strippers worshipping his every move—because, as we are still only too aware, in the words of the late great James Brown, it's a man's man's man's world…..

Meanwhile, for those of you who are questioning why the Free The Nipple Movement is a feminist rallying cause—here's some food for thought from

Men haven't always been able to go shirtless. Religious individuals in the 1900s banned all nipples in public places. In 1935, 42 men were arrested for going topless in Atlantic City. The male population protested, and the male topless ban was subsequently lifted in 1936.
“Suddenly a man's nipples were no longer 'obscene' in society, but rather commonplace and natural," according to The Huffington Post.
That's fine and dandy. There's nothing wrong with a little nipple, right?
Well, apparently there is — as long as it's a female nipple.
It's an everyday occurrence for a male to go without a shirt, but it's still illegal for women to go topless in 35 states.

You can learn more about the Free The Nipple campaign here—and check out Popdust's gallery of celebrity nip slips below….

Oh, and, hey, remember, it's just a nipple folks…no need for the moral outrage...

Tallulah Willis, the Just Right Willis Sister, has a new and painful looking tattoo to complement her gorgeous turquoise hair.

Tweeting 'IT'S A TREE BRANCH NOT VEINS MOMM GOSH,' Tallulah clears up the mystery of what the hell that thing is supposed to be.

Ow, Tallulah! It looks like a long scar more than a tree branch but never mind. Let's think of it as a wake-up call to Rumer and Scout, who thought that pink hair and bare boobs, respectively, would reap the most attention.

A tattoo of this magnitude signals the determination of a brave warrior, both spiritual and physical. Tallulah knows that suffering leads to enlightenment. Soon, she will be able to counsel Scout on the exhibitionism. She will be able to explain to Rumer that judging the Miss USA pageant in Louisiana is not actually an honor but more an embarrassment.

Let's hope the tattoo serves to distract mom Demi Moore from her own problems, while elevating Tallulah's standing in the Wild Willis Sisters competition.

It will be a win-win that all of us can celebrate, while looking forward to the next maneuver for first place.

Some celebrities are all shy and crap when it comes to taking their clothes off, but others just can’t keep cotton on their skin!

Whether they are exposing their nipples, booty cracks and wieners via social media, the glossy pages of magazines, on film and sometimes even on the red carpet these 15 celebrities are true exhibitionists – for better or for worse.

From Rihanna and Miley Cyrus to Kim Kardashian and Lena Duhham, check out these 30 nude photos of celebs on and let us know—How naked is too naked?


Just when we thought the Willis Sisters had each staked out a unique claim to fame, we find instead a fierce competition for attention.

Tallulah, who is Just Right, has upped the ante by dying her mousey hair an eye-catching shade of turquoise, which we can call Pantone Aqua Rain if we are interior decorators.

Rumer, who is going around with pink hair, was obviously seeking recognition in the hair department, even spending four hours at her last salon appointment, according to the usual tabloid sources. Now it will be war. Brace yourselves for a Mohawk or worse.

Meanwhile, Scout rides her own coattails after strolling topless through New York, following this stunt with a strident manifesto about nipples and their right to be exposed.

I feel a soap opera or, please God no, a reality series. It would be like Little Women minus one sister. Or King Lear crossed with Intervention. I need to try some slow breathing.

While the Willis siblings seem to support each other publicly, one can sense trouble brewing in the recent one-upmanship of their exhibitionism. If only they had parents to counsel them.

Can the Willis girls find their own way without stepping on each others toes or hair? I'm rooting for them, and I even have spare brassieres should I be called upon to help.

Hollywood’s hottest, most self-obsessed and controversial stars like Kim Kardashian, Scout Willis, Justin Bieber and Jessica Simpson were very busy this week, having obnoxiously big and self-indulgent weddings, saving nipples, making people jealous, showing off their hot bodies and just acting silly.

As usual, they weren’t shy sharing their escapades on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

If you are too busy to trawl through the myriad of celeb social media accounts, Popdust has the rundown for you of the coolest, not-so-cool and WTF social media photos in our weekly photo feature.


scout willis topless nipple protest

I may have poked fun at Scout Willis in the past but I’ve got to give her some major props for this.

The 22-year-old roamed around NYC totally topless Tuesday to protest Instagram’s ludicrous rules over female nudity.

Legal in NYC not on Instagram

Willis posted photos of her nearly nude stroll on Twitter, using the hashtag #FreeTheNipple and the caption:

Legal in NYC but not on @instagram

One rule for men, another for women...

She also drew attention to the fact Instagram is quite OK with highly sexualized barely covered photos of women.

Willis posted a screen grab of our very favorite tosser/ scumbag Dan Bilzerian’s account showing some big breasted (headless) bikini “babe.”

She captioned it:

@instagram pictures of breast cancer survivors have been flagged+deleted but this is super #sick and #hot amiright???

Nipplegate furor

Being British-born I have always been amazed by America’s puritanical stance when it comes to breasts… it is absolutely mystifying to me.

Case in point, the HORROR and OUTRAGE that became known as Nipplegate—after Janet Jackson’s one second nipple flash during the Super Bowl.


Get over it folks

They're only breasts folks.... 51% of the world's population has them... get over it.....

To get you better acquainted with that part of the female anatomy, check out Popdust's Free The Nipple gallery—The Best, Worst, And Most Blatant Celebrity Nip Slips

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