selfie statue sugar land texas—some genius thought it would be a great idea to memorialize their small town with a bronze statue of two chicks taking a selfie

Yeah, it really has come to this.

Some genius—actually three geniuses—thought it would be a brilliant idea to honor their home town with a bronze selfie statue.

The statue sits in the plaza in front of the Sugar Land Town Hall—and depicts two women taking a selfie.

Not surprisingly, residents of the small Texan town seem to be pretty divided over the artistic atrocity—falling into two camps—amused and pissed.

Although, many have jumped at the chance of taking a selfie with the selfie statue—because, OF COURSE!

behold the great selfie statue Sugar Land Texas

According to a City of Sugar Land press release, the selfie masterpiece is one of ten statues donated to the city by local resident, Sandy Levin:

Other statues are located at Sugar Land Memorial Park, Oyster Creek Park and Fire Station 4 in First Colony.

A future installation is planned for Highlands Park.

The first bronze sculpture depicts a guitar player sitting on the ledge of a fountain facing City Walk.

The second represents two girls taking a “selfie” near a bench with City Hall in the background.

Both show activities common in the plaza.

The inclusion of sculpture in the Town Square plaza aligns with the continued vision of the City and the Legacy Foundation’s commitment to establish cultural arts amenities that “provide and/or support activities and facilities that enrich the artistic, cultural, educational, and historical character of Sugar Land.”

Ah yes!

Because, nothing enriches culture, history and education like a good old fashioned selfie.

It’s the end of the world as we know it.

Scroll down for video of the selfie statue Sugar Land Texas

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Watch video of the selfie statue Sugar Land Texas

selfie statue sugar land texas

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selfie statue sugar land texas

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selfie statue sugar land texas

Kim Kardashian has been accused by Iran of colluding with Instagram to corrupt Iranian woman, amid a crackdown on women who post glamorous selfies.

The spokesman for the Organized Cyberspace Crimes Unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp spoke on an Iranian news program Sunday night to denounce Kardashian and 'her ilk.'

According to ThinkProgress, Mostafa Alizadeh explained how Kardashian and her ilk 'target young people and women' with the scandalous imagery they share. He suggested that Kardashian is employed by Instagram in some capacity as part of a complex plot to lure Iranian women toward a Western lifestyle and away from the teachings of Islam.

[Note to Kim: Uh oh.]

In his words:

These schemes originate from around the Persian Gulf and England. When you draw the operational graph, you will see that it is a foreign operation. Ms. Kim Kardashian is a popular fashion model so Instagram’s CEO tells her, ‘make this native.’ There is no doubt that financial support is involved as well. We are taking this very seriously.

In a crackdown on un-Islamic dress, Iranian authorities arrested eight individuals involved in Instagram pictures of women without headscarves, as part of the operation which 'targets Iran’s fashion elite for their use of social media.'

Prosecutor Javad Babei made the arrests public on TV, saying the operation was zeroing in on 'threats to morality and the foundation of family'.

According to the BBC, the eight people who were arrested were among 170 identified by investigators as being involved in modeling online. They included 59 photographers and make-up artists, 58 models and 51 fashion salon managers and designers.

Mostafa Alizadeh said, ominously:

Sterilising popular cyberspaces is on our agenda. We carried out this plan in 2013 with Facebook, and now Instagram is the focus.

One of the arrested women, a former model, appeared on TV to renounce her bare-headed photos and lament her 'mistake.' During her interview, she warned other young women to stay out of the industry, saying:

You can be certain that no man would want to marry a model whose fame has come by losing her honor.

How will Kim respond to this serious human rights issue? We know how strongly she feels about sharing her nude body to celebrate her femininity or whatever she keeps celebrating.

Will she stand up for the women of Iran and support their freedom of self-expression? Will she deny her influence? Or will she go into hiding?

Just kidding with that last option!

Kim will go into hiding when Hell freezes, or as they say in the Persian Gulf , "إذا حجت البقرة على قرونها", which means 'when the cow goes on pilgrimage on its horns.'


That Gwen Stefani bare face selfie that was burning up the interweb last week was ALL about the B.S.—no, silly, not bullshit…. Blake Shelton!

That Gwen Stefani bare face selfie that everyone and their mother has been cooing about, was totally inspired by Blake Shelton apparently.

In case you missed it—Stefani set the interweb on fire last week after posting a completely make-up free, bare face selfie on Instagram.

And, yeah, it's pretty amazing how different she looks without even a hint of make-up on.

The 46-year-old looks absolutely beautiful—not to mention, twenty or so years younger…

Kinda crazy really, seeing as make-up is often used to cover-up imperfections.

And, it transpires, the notoriously heavy make-up loving Stefani is pretty damn perfect without it.

Think fresh faced Jessica Simpson circa 2005 Newlyweds days...


Not surprisingly, Stefani’s Instagram pic quickly received an avalanche of comments from her 4 million followers.

With fans telling her how pretty she looks without makeup and what a natural beauty she is.

Both of which are true—although, it has to said, girlfriend looks smokin’ hot WITH makeup on too….

So, go figure.

However, it transpires, when she took the photo, Stefani was seeking the attention of one special fan only.

The singer tells People magazine:

I was laying there, I just got in bed and I was like, 'Maybe I'll send a picture to Blake,'

You just start fooling around with it.

I actually had a new camera on my phone and I just took that picture.

I probably took about 10. That one looked cute and I was like, 'I'll just post it

Meanwhile, apparently, Stefani looked “visibly upset” after seeing ex-husband Gavin Rossdale today.

The armchair psychiatrists at the Daily Mail report that she appeared “distraught” and “a bit shaken” as she drove away from their Mulholland Estates meeting.

Hmmmm…. personally, looking at the photos they’re basing this on, Stefani looks more pissed off at being photographed than “visibly upset” and “distraught”.

More like, sick of having been subjected to yet more of that cheating asshole ex's bullshit kinda look.

Check out the photos for yourself and then spin your own totally speculative story line.

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gwen stefani bare face selfie

usher nude selfie accidentally reveals all

The Usher nude selfie that he posted today on Snapchat, shows just a little bit more than he intended it to we think.

Let's just say, Oh My God….

Size really does matter.

Oh come on!! Get your minds out of the gutter!!

When we talk about size mattering, we're talking about the size of the emoji you pick to "cover-up" your dick in the totally nude selfie you post on Snapchat.

Because, as you can see below, Ush picked an emoji that was just a teeny tiny little too small.

Which is definitely something that can't be said about the junk it was supposed to be covering.

The Usher nude selfie came at the end (no pun intended) of a series of Snapchats (that didn't include his dick).

The previous pics were basically Usher giving the world a tour of his home.

Kicking off in the living room, he then progressed to the bedroom, onto the bathroom.

Then into the steam room, to "blow off some steam" and create some serious thirst all around the interweb.

And, once that was done, he went and brushed his teeth.

Because, he's Usher Terry Raymond IV bitches, and that's how he rolls.

Meanwhile, we're clearly going to have to make an addition to our Biggest Dicks in Hollywood gallery.

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Emily Ratajkowski plans to use her Instagram fame to promote feminism, insisting that her beauty, make-up, and nudity have nothing to do with anything.

In fact, posting nude selfies is her way of expressing empowerment.

By 'owning and celebrating' her sexuality and femininity, she is not falling victim to patriarchal norms but actually working withing those standards.

Huh? you might ask and you would be quite right to wonder what the hell she's trying to say.

The young model/actress is making a big deal of her feminism lately, writing an essay for the Lena Dunham newsletter Lenny, and speaking to WWD about it.

Following her support of Kim Kardashian's controversial nude selfie, by posting a nude selfie alongside Kim, Emily appears to be drinking her own Kool Aid, so to speak.

She seems to actually equate her exhibitionism with power, forgetting that she is being objectified whether she says so or not.

Ratajkowski's arguments are kind of adorable in their nonsensical naivete, but on the other hand, they are dangerous. It's fair to assume that a number of her 5 million Instagram followers are impressionable young girls. And she's sending a terrible, scrambled message to gullible would-be feminists.

Why can't she just be beautiful and happy about it?

In her Lenny cri de couer, Emily says:

I see my naked body in the mirrors of all the places I’ve lived, privately dressing, going through my morning routine…I look at my reflection and meet my own eyes. I hear the voices reminding me not to send the wrong message. And what is that message exactly? The implication is that to be sexual is to be trashy because being sexy means playing into men’s desires. To me, ‘sexy’ is a kind of beauty, a kind of self-expression, one that is to be celebrated, one that is wonderfully female. Why does the implication have to be that sex is a thing men get to take from women and women give up? Most adolescent women are introduced to ‘sexy’ women through porn or Photoshopped images of celebrities. Is that the only example of a sexual woman we will provide to the young women of our culture?

It's like a demented poetry slam, isn't it?

Well, naturally Emily was disappointed with the comments that were posted to Lenny, complaining to WWD:

Honestly, some of the comments are so interesting because some people just really miss the point. They don’t get it. They’re like, ‘This is an excuse to be a slut’ or ‘This is an excuse to post overly sexualized selfies’. And the negative comments were coming from both men and women, it was really interesting.

Awww. Later, she called back to elaborate.

I may wear makeup that enhances my features [and] that plays into the standard of beauty that has been set up by a patriarchal society but I’m living within it. I’m not wearing the makeup to please men, I’m wearing it to please myself. I also am not growing out my armpit hair in protest of patriarchy. I wear a bra. Those are things that I don’t feel I need to reject to make a statement about my sexuality.

Let us agree that it's a free country and models are free to have their say.

It would be better if they could be coherent but it's not a perfect world, is it? Jumping on the feminism bandwagon a la Taylor Swift and Beyonce may be obligatory for ambitious social media stars.

But let's face it. Emily Ratajkowski is a dunce.

I feel empowered just by saying it.

selfie hijacker

What do you do when you find yourself on board a plane with a hijacker who has a bomb strapped to him?

Why take a picture with him of course!

That is exactly what British hostage Ben Innes did when he found himself caught up in the EgyptAir hijack earlier this week.

More People Have Died Taking Selfies Than In Shark Attacks This Year

In what must surely be the most bizarre footage ever captured, the 26 year old health and safety worker asked the flight attendants if he could take a snap with the suicide-belt wearing hijacker, Seif Eldin Mustafa.

The hostesses, who must surely be out of work now, told him to approach and then snapped him standing grinning like the village idiot next to the, it's fair to say bemused, hijacker.

selfie hijacker

Say cheese

Dude Accidentally Sexts Naked Selfies To HR Manager Who Just Offered Him A Job

Mr Innes tried to explain his reasoning to the The Sun, saying;

"I'm not sure why I did it, I just threw caution to the wind while trying to stay cheerful in the face of adversity. I figured if this bomb was real, I'd nothing to lose anyway, so took a chance to get a closer look at it."

Seriously? A closer look? What because your job as a health and safety auditor requires you to get up close and personal with a bomb when you happen upon one?

This guy is such a dick. He had no idea if his approaching the hijacker would unhinge him even further and cause him to panic and set the thing strapped to his waist off. It is equally unbelievable that the stewardesses, who have training in hijack situations would let him approach their captor. I'm pretty sure no part of stewardess training involves taking selfies with hijackers, even if, as it's now being suggested, it was to get a picture of the man to send to police.

selfie hijacker

The hijacker is the one on the left.

Kim Kardashian Feeds Selfie Obsession With Quickie Airplane Toilet Photo Shoot

Innes texted his mother just after he had posed for the picture and endangered the lives of everyone on board to let her know he was ok. She sensibly told him to not do anything to draw attention to himself. Too late Mom.

Funnily enough, the dipshit Brit is now not seeing the funny side after being on the receiving end of a media backlash. He was filmed striding through the airport being questioned on his actions as he landed back in the UK, until he eventually grabbed the news camera to stop it filming him. Dumb jerk.

Check out this jaw-dropping footage and then vote in our poll below...

Where's the smile now?

Dad Accidentally Films Entire 'Dream Of A Lifetime' Vegas Vacation In Selfie Mode

selfie hijacker selfie hijacker

selfie hijacker

selfie hijacker