Director Christopher Nolan, (The Prestige, The Dark Knight, Inception) Is known for his stunning visuals, heavy use of practical effects, and mind-bending plots.

The new trailer for Tenet makes it clear that his newest film—scheduled for a July 17th release date—is no exception. A spiritual successor to Inception, the film plays with time and physics using the concept of time inversion (i.e. reversing cause and effect to move backward in time) to orchestrate elaborate, bewildering action sequences. It's basically the music video for Coldplay's The Scientist converted into a shoot 'em up movie where guns catch bullets. "Tenet," being a palindrome, serves as the codeword for the secretive organization that uses inversion as part of an elaborate plan to "prevent World War III" and save the future from a terrible and mysterious fate.

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With the constant onslaught of complicated news that 2020 has brought, sometimes you just want to be able to shut off your brain, relax, and feel happy.

Enter comfort films. These are the feel-good movies that feel like a warm hug when you finish them, the ones that allow you to escape for a short while. We often turn to these types of films in times of trouble or extreme stress, and when we're not sure what films of this nature we should watch, we turn to the Internet for options.

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Jordan Peele has made a name for himself for telling the story of the black experience in America with the atmosphere of tragicomic psychological horror it deserves.

But if there's one thing that movies like Us and Get Out lack, it's the incursion of eldritch horrors from realms beyond our perception. That's where J.J. Abrams of Lost and Cloverfield can help out with Peele's new project for HBO, Lovecraft Country. Based on Matt Ruff's 2017 novel of the same name, Lovecraft Country tells the story of Atticus Black, a young black man living in the Jim Crow 1950s, who needs to travel to a dangerous region of America—the titular Lovecraft Country—to track down his missing father.

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