Walk off The Earth Talk New Album "Here We Go"

Sarah Blackwood and Gianni Luminati from Walk off the Earth talk with Popdust about their new album, 'Here we Go'. They also discuss the loss of their band member Mike 'Beard Guy' Taylor and their latest tour.

Walk off the Earth talks their new album, 'Here We Go'

Is Walk Off The Earth's "Shape of You" cover better than Ed Sheeran's Grammy performance?

Ed Sheeran's one-man-band act is cool. Is Walk Off The Earth's inventive cover better?

Earlier this week, Ed Sheeran's performance of "Shape of You" at the Grammy Awards was the talk of the town. Walk Off The Earth, a band known mostly for doing awesome covers on YouTube, released an amazing cover yesterday.

Ed Sheeran is a damn talented performer – there's no denying that. His organic one-man-band act (made possible by a loop station, acoustic guitar, Ed Sheeran's voice, and sometimes keyboard) makes him one of the most unique performers around, even if he was a late addition to the roster of performers at the 59th Grammys.

"Shape of You" currently holds the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 list (passing Migos much-memed track "Bad & Boujee") and is one of Sheeran's hottest tracks yet (maybe the best one since "Don't").

Being the #1 track on the Billboard Hot 100 is a big deal, but maybe not as big a deal as getting your song covered by Walk Off The Earth, whose five-person-one-guitar performance of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know" propelled them to YouTube fame in 2013. Their cover of The Chainsmokers' summer hit "Closer" was all over social media this summer.

Here's Walk Off The Earth's cover of "Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran:

Where do we begin with Walk Off The Earth's cover?

For starters, those percussive things that they're whacking on the ground and the table to generate music? They're called "Boomwhackers" and if that isn't the coolest name for an instrument ever, I will tell you where you can stick your vuvuzela.

At far left, Joel Cassady appears to be wearing seashells and a fork around his neck to make a jangling sound. Sarah Blackwood, the only member of the group with her own Wikipedia entry, is playing a thumb piano that appears to be made of pure birch. Then you have lead vocalist Ryan Marshall, who appears to have a container full of beads (or maybe Kix cereal?) as a percussion instrument. The group pulls out a ton of other cool instruments, including a jack-in-the-box, as they mash "Shape Of You" with 90s hits like "No Diggity" (BLACKstreet) and "No Scrubs" (TLC). They also have a child in the room the whole time.

The kicker (pun intended) is when their roommate comes down the stairs (seemingly frustrated by the band's noise in his house), and JUMP KICKS two hanging cymbal-gongs.

Ed Sheeran's performance of "Shape of You" at the Grammys was cool, but Walk Off The Earth's cover is definitively better (sorry, Mr. Sheeran, but as an aficionado of well-produced, organic music, you should appreciate it as much as I do).

Which version of "Shape of You" do you think is better? Stay tuned to Popdust for more awesome music news!