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Kim Zolciak Reveals Huge Raise for Show ‘Don’t Be Tardy’

The reality television star and her daughter are raking in around a combined $1.7 million

Kim Zolciak managed to become a standout star from The Real Housewives of Atlanta — and now she's making bank in her own show, Don't Be Tardy.

Zolciak and her daughter just finished filming season 7 of their show and an unknown source just revealed their salaries. The source said the duo negotiated more money to come back and thus, got a raise.

Bravo is giving the mother-daughter duo a raise that would even keep me on the show — Zolciak is now making $125,000 an episode which amounts to about $1.5 million for the season. Her daughter, Brielle Biermann also got a raise — she's now pulling in around $16,000 per episode, amounting to around $192,000 for the season.

A couple months ago, Zolciak made a scene after making racist comments on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She stated her belief that racism isn't real and before that, called NeNe Leakes' home a 'roach nest.' Zolciak later said that her coworkers always play the race card and that she makes no association with her words and racism.

Kroy Biermann, Zolciak's husband and Biermann's adopted dad, also got a cut of the deal. During his career in the NFL, Biermann didn't really need to be paid that much by the show — however, now that he's out, he renegotiated his deal with the show and became executive producer, along with Zolciak.

Don't Be Tardy came to be when she met Atlanta Falcons defensive end Kroy Biermann whom she married in November 2011 — the show itself follows Zolciak for the two months leading up to her wedding. Colin Cowie, a celebrity event planner, helps the duo and different problems arise to entertain viewers, such as Zolciak's mom not wanting to come.

After the first initial season, we follow Zolciak and Biermann around in their new lives — two new baby boys and then two more twins in the next season. It also seems like with the exception of her oldest daughters, the couple is naming their children with 'K' names — Kardashian jealousy anyone?

We don't know if the show will be renewed for an eighth season but with these new raises, it'll probably happen — who knows, maybe by that time Brielle will be a big enough star to host her own show.

Amber Wang is a freelancer for Popdust, Gearbrain and various other sites. She is also a student at NYU, a photographer and a marketing intern.

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Adrian Grenier Wants Y'all To Know He Has A Really Big Penis

How do we know? Because Adrian tells us so....

adrian grenier big penis is real….really real…and really big—how do we know? Because Adrian tells us so. Grenier confirmed ex-bachelor Courtney Robertson's claims on WWHL

Oh Adrian Grenier and his big old penis…..

The Entourage star has no issue—not surprisingly—with his manhood size being splashed all over the interweb.

In fact—not surprisingly, once again—he's pretty damned pleased about it, just as he is with his big old penis.

Adrian's manhood was the unwitting star of ex-Bachelor contestant Courtney Robertson's thrilling tell-all book.

Thrilling, because, who WOULDN'T want to read every detail about some brain-dead reality star wannabe's short life?

Anyway, we digress.

In the thrilling tell-all, I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends, Robertson spills all about the "sweet but non-committal" actor's appendage—claiming, "it's the biggest penis [she's] ever seen."

Andy Cohen was all up in Grenier's dick on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, quizzing him about Courtney's claims.

Grenier took it on the chin like a pro, telling Cohen:

I was just glad she got the size right…

And she's seen a couple of them, huh.

You're always on the edge of your seat waiting for something bad to be revealed about you, and then every once and a while it's not so bad.

Indeed Adrian, indeed.

And, nice bit of shaming thrown in there just for good measure.

Good job!

Scroll down to watch the adrian grenier big penis video, and check out Popdust's ranking of the biggest dicks in Hollywood.

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Mariah Carey Jennifer Lopez feud

Mariah Carey made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live last night and Andy Cohen, true to form, managed to get her to throw some shade Jennifer Lopez's way.

Mariah hasn't visited WWHL for three years, but she's not lost any of her divaliciousness since becoming engaged to Australian billionaire, James Packer.

Oops! Mariah Carey Suffers Wetsuit Nip Slip

She showed up late to the live show and made Andy change seats (because her right side looks better).  Mimi shut down talk of who would be Jamie's best man in the upcoming wedding,  however she did confirm that the happy couple would be getting a prenup (which is hardly a revelation considering the $$$ involved). She also set the record straight on the rumors that she wants to use circus animals in the ceremony.

"No, that really made me mad.  These people really want to tell me I want endangered animals at my wedding?  I mean, I have several dogs."

Andy asked Mariah about those Beyonce-duet rumors and she replied that she would love to sing with Bey, but that it had never been talked about (for that we read Beyonce shut down the approach).

Beyonce’s Ivy Park ‘Sweatshop Slaves’ Paid Just 63¢ An Hour Apparently

When Mimi was last on WWHL in 2013 she failed to find three nice things about Eminem, and as we would expect, she had nothing nice to say about Nicki Minaj this time.  She couldn't even find one nice thing and said to Andy;

"Can you?"


For Some Reason, People Aren’t Watching This Utterly Exhausting Nicki-Mariah Idol Feud

Sensing she was in a mood to dish, Andy asked about the ongoing Mariah/JLo feud.

Mariah has admitted a rivalry in the past but of course denies it comes fro her side. She famously replaced Lopez for one season on American Idol and it was noted that when JLo performed on the show during that one season (before she was asked back on the panel in place of Carey), Carey was the only judge who did not give a standing ovation.

Carey has said she doesn't know Lopez which Jen disputed in March saying;

"She does say that.  She's forgetful I guess! We've met many times.  I don't know....I don't know her that well."

Plus of course there was the incident when the actress was busted texting during Mariah's set at the Billboard Music Awards last year....yeah, it's fair to say the two have definitely thrown a few digs at each other over the years.

Mariah Carey And James Corden Car Karaoke Is Absolutely Fabulous (Duh!)

Well fast forward to last night and Mariah managed to throw some shade at JLo again!

Andy tried to get to the bottom of the relationship between the two and asked Carey once again;

"Do you know each other?...She says you know her."

Mariah replied;

"No! Apparently I'm forgetful because I don't remember the fact that it was just like 'Hi, I'm so and so' and move on."


"Does she seem cool?"

There was a very long pause before Mariah answered;

"I don't know her. What am I supposed to say?"

Meowwwww again!

Jennifer Lopez Considers Herself Chunky

Watch the segment below—I don't think we'll be seeing JLo at Mariah's wedding that's for sure!

The five times Grammy winner is the the subject of a reality show Mariah's World which follows the behind the scenes drama around her Las Vegas residency and will be shown later this year on E!.

On a side note—Andy Cohen really should refuse to move for anybody, because the left side of his hair has a weird little curl thing and is definitely not his best side!


Ben Stiller Dated Brandi Glanville

So a few months ago on her radio show, Brandi Glanville happened to mention that she dated Ben Stiller back in the '90s.

There had been speculation that he was the unnamed comedian mentioned in her book Drinking & Dating.

Will Y'All Just Leave Brandi Glanville The F*ck Alone?

She said that they dated, he made her laugh a lot and that he went on to become super famous . She didn't say they were in a full on relationship, she didn't say they were engaged and she didn't say they were even involved.

She said they dated—which indicates casual hooking up (or however you define dating these days).

LeAnn Rimes Slams Brandi Glanville For Mentioning Eddie Cibrian's Giant Penis

They both moved on, Stiller married Christine Taylor in 2000 and Brandi married Eddie Cibrian in 2001 before he cheated on her and eventually left her for LeAnn Rimes. Brandi went on to star in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and is now an outspoken author, radio host and reality star (so amusing to think about how Eddie must wake up every day pig sick that he backed the wrong horse).

Fast forward a couple of decades and on Wednesday night, Stiller appeared on Watch What Happen's Live to promote his new movie Zoolander 2. Cheeky little Andy Cohen, who clearly had an agenda, got him to play a game of 'Plead The Fifth'.

Andy Cohen Hilariously Gets Gwyneth Paltrow To Admit Taking Hard Drugs

He could have pleaded...

Andy cut straight to it and opened with; "We love a Real Housewives tie in on WWHL..."

Stiller knew what was coming and looked embarrassed and caught on the hop as he swiveled his chair uncomfortably.

Scroll down for the video

He eventually explained about Brandi;

"It was fun...I wouldn't call it a was just a couple of dates."

Talk about trying to play it down! Brandi said exactly the same thing—she didn't say they were in a relationship, just dating and it's downright ungentlemanly of him to try to minimize it.

3inder—The Newest (and Kinkiest) Hookup App

The reason for his squirming may have had something to do with the fact that he then admitted that his wife doesn't even know he has history with the sexiest real housewife out there.

We find that kinda weird. You've been married to your wife for ever, so presumably she's pretty secure in the relationship (you would hope). When Brandi got famous and you maybe caught sight of her on TV or at an event or something, wouldn't you be like "oh I dated that girl years ago"? Given the nature of Hollywood gossip, it's not like it would remain a secret—and neither should it, they were both single, so where's the harm?

As Andy said; "It's going to be 'fun' watching real housewives together now!"

Real Housewives Craziest Fights, Insane Meltdowns And Brawls Ranked


In fact, his response was actually a pretty crappy move by Stiller—Gerard Butler was the same when he tried to undermine the fact that he hooked up with Brandi. What, just because they are actors and she's a reality star they're embarrassed to be associated with her? They're too many rungs above her in the celebrity pecking order and shouldn't be seen to be mixing?

We can't think of any other reason why these guys feel they have to explain themselves for dating her. Seriously WTF is the problem? She's gorgeous, doesn't take herself too seriously and likes to have a good time.

If she was hot enough to date, own it, douches.

Ben Stiller Dated Brandi Glanville

Ben Stiller Dated Brandi Glanville

leonardo dicaprio pussy posse

Not that it was ever in question, but Kevin Connolly has confirmed that Leonardo DiCaprio gets more pussy than anyone else in his posse.

“That answer is probably pretty obvious,” Kevin, 41, said after Andy Cohen asked him who gets the most women in his entourage.

Leonardo DiCaprio Would Like Y’All To Know He’s NOT Been Raped By A Bear

Meanwhile, the famous wing man was adamant that his group of guy friends, which includes DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, David Blaine and Lukas Haas were not behind the infamous “Pussy Posse” nickname.

“With my hand on the Bible I swear to you never ever ever in any capacity—myself or any of my friends—referred to ourselves as the ‘Pussy Posse,'” Connolly said during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

Leonardo DiCaprio Welcomes Robin Thicke Into The Folds Of His Pussy Posse

Apparently, a writer at New York Magazine who penned an article about DiCaprio back in 1998 deserves credit for coining the Pussy Pussy moniker.

“But the answer is Leo [who gets the most chicks],” Kevin Dillon confirmed, to which Connolly responded, “But yeah, I mean the article was about him and we just got thrown into it.”

Kate Winslet On Leonardo DiCaprio—Was There Real Romance During Titanic?

And Leo seems to have a type: Blonde, tall, leggy models. But, sometimes he'll tire of the same old same old, and date someone with low lights, like Gisele, or really date someone outside his comfort zone, like a tall, blonde, leggy actress, ala Blake Lively.

Reese Witherspoon knows a great penis when she sees one—and even when she doesn’t, apparently.

The 39-year-old stopped by Watch What Happens Live last night, and dished on Ben Affleck’s dick—and you can watch the video right here on Popdust.

Andy Cohen put Witherspoon firmly in the hot seat during a game of Plead The Fifth, asking her what she thought of the 42-year-old’s schlong—Affleck went full frontal in Gone Girl, which Reese produced.

"I mean, that scene went so fast that I didn't see it!" Reese claimed, before going on to give peen props where peen props are due.

"I wasn't complaining... it's great. Congratulations, Jen Garner."

Cohen also asked the actress when she lost her virginity.

“At a good age,” the mom-of-three replied with a sly wink.