We're Here And We're Queer - Our Post-Pride Playlist

We're Here And We're Queer - Our Post-Pride Playlist

Pride festivals, marches, soirées, parties, and raves have come and gone. But that doesn't mean we have to stop dancing to all that fabulous music we've lost ourselves in for the past few weeks.

Here we've curated another excellent playlist of great dance tracks from our favorite LGBTQ+ trailblazers and the allies who leverage their platforms to support the community.

Break out your smartphone or tablet and celebrate YOU with each of these songs.

9. Freedom - George Michael

While Freedom was not written about Michael’s queer experience, the lyrics resonate with our community making it an anthem for the times. Plus the video is Iconic!

8. Vogue - Madonna

While Vogue is controversial - some claim it’s cultural appropriation, others say it brought voguing to the mainstream. But what can NOT be argued is that Madonna is a fiercely outspoken ally to the community since the beginning of her career, through the AIDS epidemic, and today. Madonna continues to fight for our community around the world.

7. True Colors - Cindy Lauper

Cindy Lauper’s another ally who’s dedicated her career to the LGBTQ+ community. True Colors is also the name of her foundation helping homeless LGBTQ+ youth. This timeless song is about belonging, because belonging requires us to be who we are.

6. Montero (Call Me By Your Name) - Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X established himself as a black queer sex symbol. His unapologetically queer performances are groundbreaking. Not too long ago, POC queers were not acknowledged by the mainstream. Lil Nas X has stolen our hearts and our passion. We all want to be Satan!

5. Born This Way - Lady Gaga

Mother Monster has always been an advocate for the misfits. She’s met with world leaders, participated in conferences, done non-profits, lifted our voices, you get the point. Born This Way is the first song to include the word TRANS that topped the charts.

4. I’m Coming Out - Diana Ross

The Boss, as many of her fans call her, has been a queer icon since her days as the frontwoman of The Supremes. I'm coming out is the apex of queer anthems and reminds all of us to break out of our shells and unapologetically beam with pride no matter where we go!

Laydees-n-gendermuns . . . Shea Diamond

We must lift up and praise our Black and POC trans women so they’re free to take as much space as possible. Shea Diamond is one resilient bitch. She endured America’s foster system and even its carceral systems. She did a decade-long stint for a robbery - it was to pay for her transition surgery! She’s so fine she gets all THREE final places. Enjoy.

3. I am America - Shea Diamond

As a queer, non-binary, Mexican immigrant, I am America. We are all America! I Am America is the theme of the amazing show We’re Here on HBOMax. Highly recommend it.

2. American Pie - Shea Diamond

It’s tough to get your piece of the American pie - let alone a la mode, baby. As someone who has many intersectionalities, this song hits close to home.

1. I Am Her - Shea Diamond

Shea Diamond wrote I Am Her while she was in prison.

Trans Lives Matter.

Black Trans Lives Matter.

Say Their Names.

Wilson Andres is a Mexican queer raver activist who transforms party spaces to ensure a safe rave space for everyone through diversity, inclusivity, equity, visibility, harm reduction, and consent.

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