We Can't Stop Dancing To This Pride Playlist

LGBTQIA and Allies

We’re back and singing our pride with those trailblazers & allies who made it to the mainstream without sacrificing their integrity.

Let’s not forget that for eons the LGBTQ+ world and its underground culture has fueled the hottest music & fashion, and incited the fight for human rights.

Music allows us to express ourselves, take comfort, and show our love. Celebrate this Pride Month with these fabulous LGBTQ+ artists who bring us refuge, hope, and jubilation.

9. Y.M.C.A. - Village People

The Village People’s comes from Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, a historic gay district. Since 1978 this song has been played all over the world and was even selected by the Library of Congress for its impact on world culture. What goes over many kids’ heads is that Y.M.C.A. is a song about cruising, meaning looking for the D at the Y.M.C.A.

8. Strangers (featuring Lauren Jauregui) - Halsey

Halsey and Lauren both identify as bisexual, so this song - about two women longing for each other - normalizes same-sex relationships, creating a K.O.

7. All The Lovers - Kylie Minogue

Kylie’s long been an lgbtq+ ally. All The Lovers is her love letter to our community, the video is a clear endorsement of all type of couples, thruples, and the joyous fluidity of sex.

6. I’m Ready - Sam Smith, Demi Lovato

These non-binary icons are ready to be loved for who they are! The video itself is a glittering expression of gender-bending magic featuring other non-binary and trans royalty!

5. Together Again - Janet Jackson

4. Superpower - Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert made way for many of today’s fabulous gay artists. Lambert was the first to depict a blowjob on national TV and receive heavy backlash for it. Apparently, America was not ready to see us as sexual beings. Superpower is a message of empowerment in our queerness - bee-jays and all!

3. Bloom - Troye Sivan

Troy confirmed - in a deleted tweet - that Bloom is about bottoming. And that in itself is rebellious AF! There’s no room in this world for bottom shaming.

2. Coconuts - Kim Petras

Continuing with the sexual revolution, having a trans woman sing about her beautiful Coconuts is a boss-as-bitch move.

1. Pluto - Jake Wesley Rogers

He’s been called this generation’s Elton John. A splendid, singular voice, lyrics, and queer storytelling makes it impossible to hate on you Jake Wesley Rogers.

Wilson Andres is a Mexican queer raver activist who transforms party spaces to ensure a safe rave space for everyone through diversity, inclusivity, equity, visibility, harm reduction, and consent.

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