Why Jesse James Decker Trusts the South Beach Diet

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Raising kids while trying to keep a diet on track can seem impossible at times. No one knows that better than Jesse James Decker. Jessie's schedule makes healthy living a bit complicated, but she understands the importance of prioritizing her health. That's because Jessie knows that the healthier she feels, the better she'll be able to take care of her family. Jesse knew that cutting out added sugars from her diet was the key to staying fit and feeling great. That's why she turned to the South Beach Diet.

Most people know the basics of why sugar is a problem, but it is much tougher to do something to fix it. Almost everything that comes in a box is high in simple carbs or contains added sugars. Even if you wanted to cut back, it seems almost impossible! That's where the South Beach Diet comes in. Initially developed in 2003 by world renowned cardiologist Dr. Arthur Agatston, South Beach is designed specifically to focus on lean proteins and healthy delicious fats. It is engineered to burn your own body fat for fuel while helping to keep you full and satisfied.

The South Beach Diet reduces simple carbohydrates and added sugars during "Phase One". The difference is shocking and immediate. Most people have never spent any significant amount of time free of added sugars, and they often find that their annoying hunger pangs and constant cravings start to fade away. The South Beach Diet makes everything simple by shipping fully prepared and ready to go meals right to your door. You don't need to make complicated shopping lists, or waste time reading nutrition labels to ensure you're doing everything correctly. All you need to do is eat the food and literally feel the results.

Jessie loves how simple the South Beach Diet is to follow.

"The South Beach diet is easy and it's awesome. You don't have to starve yourself."

It's true: With the South Beach Diet, there's no complicated nutrition tracking. Their dietitians have done all the work for you. You get perfectly portioned meals prepared with the perfect balance of nutrients.

"I'm a busy mom. I need something that fits with my life."

The South Beach Diet gives the best of both worlds, with a doctor designed and approved weight loss method that sheds pounds without sacrificing on taste. It takes the worst parts of dieting out of the equation and makes things as simple as possible. Just eat the food and lose the weight, it's seriously that easy!

But the real test of a diet program is always going to come down to one thing: How's the food?

From the tasty breakfast muffins to the flavorful chili dishes, Jessie loves the South Beach Diet food.

"The food is so good… I'm eating healthy, and way less junk."

Ease and convenience are great but let's be honest: If the food doesn't taste great, you're not going to stick with your healthy diet. Luckily, the South Beach Diet meals and snacks don't just deliver on nutrition, they also dish out fabulous flavor. With meals like Caribbean Inspired Chicken, Garlic Ginger Beef and Broccoli and Italian-Style Sausage and Peppers, what's not to love?

"The food's awesome. It's fabulous and you always end up satisfied… Because it's real food," says Jessie.

Update: The awesome folks over at the South Beach Diet are offering a special deal for our readers. Follow this link for 40% off your first auto-delivery order and free shipping as long as you're on the program!

This content is sponsored by the South Beach Diet.

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