Why Mack Weldon Silver Boxer Briefs Are The Best Underwear You'll Ever Wear

Why Mack Weldon Silver Boxer Briefs Are The Best Underwear You'll Ever Wear
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Unless you've got a significant other, you probably haven't paid much attention to what underwear you wear every day. I used to be like that, but it did not fly with my fiancé. She's always nagging me to get new clothes (the holes in my socks really get on her last nerve), and when my underwear was getting worn out, I kind of saw her point. They didn't hold up in the wash, weren't doing anything for support, and never looked too presentable anyway. I have a buddy who's a GQ Insider, and when I consulted with him on apparel, he told me I had to try Mack Weldon because their quality is unmatched.

The name Mack Weldon sounded familiar so I did a quick search. They got great reviews in GQ, Men's Fitness, and Business Insider. On Mack Weldon's site, I learned they only use cutting-edge materials, and one really caught my eye: silver. Through their NASA inspired technology, they weave actual pure silver into the fabric. It sounds a but much, but turns out silver is a natural antimicrobial, thermo-regulating metal used in space suits and tactical Special Ops uniforms to keep operators cool, odor-free, and fresh in high stress situations. So, it made sense that Mack Weldon built it into their underwear. My buddy calls them "the underwear of the future."

Another benefit that comes with silver is that it makes the fabric more durable, so the underwear doesn't wear out. They also hit the nail on the head when it comes to the design. Mack Weldon Silver underwear has perfectly placed mesh zones for a cooling effect, and the waistline doesn't roll down and never rides up.

When the package arrived, the fiance urged me to try them on right away (mostly because she wanted my current pair in the trash asap). First thought, they were crazy soft. Mack Weldon uses luxe Prima Cotton, what's used in the finest bedding. I ordered some black and some blue, and an understated camo, which she loved. I tried them on and she said, and I quote, "You look so sexy in those. Wow." They didn't look anything like my Hanes and were so much more comfortable and breathable. The old haunts were like sandpaper in comparison. These definitely felt like the boxer briefs someone my age is supposed to wear.

So far, I've worn my new Mack Weldon Silver underwear pretty much every day and they do a great job keeping me cool all day long, from morning workouts to afternoon meetings and going out at night, and I've noticed a new level of comfort and freshness throughout the day. Even though I was skeptical about buying a pair of underwear for $34, Mack Weldon's line of underwear has put all others to shame. I just ordered some Silver Socks as well, and some undershirts of similar quality. Mack Weldon Silver underwear has become my go-to. It's worth it to me to have underwear that provides support and comfort and will actually last.

Mack Weldon also offers a try on guarantee. If you don't love them, they'll issue you a full refund, and you can keep the pair you tried! You can get your Silver Underwear risk free here.

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