Arden and the Wolves Debut "Another Year of Rain" (feat. Arden Leigh and Giulio Dilemmi)

Darkwave music capturing the conflicted nature of sex and power.

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Los Angeles indie-pop-rock outfit Arden & the Wolves launch their music video, "Another Year of Rain," the latest from their EP, Who Can You Trust.

On "Another Year of Rain," the band hooked up with fusion belly dancer Giulio Dilemmi to present a potent audio-visual narrative delving into corrosive relationships, highlighted by electrifying performances from frontwoman Arden Leigh and Dilemmi.

According to Leigh, "For the video for 'Another Year of Rain,' I wanted to move on from the simplistic villain/victim paradigm and begin to explore the nuances of complicity and the romanticizing of certain types of harm in relationship as 'passion.'"

"Another Year Of Rain" rides a dense, erotic groove full of intoxicating energy. Leigh's dark vocal tones thrum as she probes her attraction to Dilemmi, whose hypnotic charisma is fraught with destructive potential. The video smolders with emotional tension and palpable uneasiness between the two protagonists, suggesting that their bond teeters on the brink of heartrending devastation.

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