Why The Eight Sleep and Oura Ring Are A Perfect Match

eightsleep pod pro and oura ring

My main focus for 2021 is to get my health in check.

If last year taught me anything it was that I need to stay in tune with my body. And do what I can to keep myself in the best shape I possibly can.

The main issue I wanted to tackle was my sleep. I can't remember the last time I didn't struggle to get to sleep and not wake up countless times throughout the night.

I bought the Oura ring thinking it would be a quick fix for my sleep but it only highlighted that I was a terrible sleeper. Tell me something I don't know. At least it was guiding me in the right direction. So, if I wanted to better my Oura score and improve my overall health I needed to improve my sleep.

First, I eliminated coffee after 4pm, going to bed earlier and earlier, and cracking a window for better airflow. I even adjusted my diet and upped my exercise. But Oura kept reminding me my sleep hadn't improved. It was still just awful. And with my hectic schedule, my body was feeling the effects.

The only thing I hadn't tried changing to a cooling mattress. I read loads about thermoregulation and how it can be key to getting the best night's sleep. The Pod Pro by Eight Sleep hands downs has the best reviews for a cooling mattress so I started there.

At first glance, I was super impressed, the Pod Pro has everything you'll ever want from a cooling mattress - and more.

The Pod Pro creates a microclimate between 55 to 110℉. Simply set the mattress to whatever temperature suits you best and the intelligent Pod sensors will adjust to your ideal temperature whenever you need it. Plus, the Pod has dual cooling zones so one side can be 55℉ while the other is 110℉!

The Active Grid tracks your vitals such as heart rate, breathing, sleep cycles, and HRV, but also environmental factors like humidity and temperature. All this biometric data is fed into an algorithm so that the Pod continually calibrates exactly what your body needs to stay asleep each night. The app even includes mediation features.

And unlike other temperature-regulated, smart mattresses, the Pod Pro's Active Grid uses a water-cooling system to effectively help you fall asleep and - most importantly - stay asleep.

My main issue was waking up during the night, therefore missing the critical deep sleep stage each night. Perhaps the Pod could come to my rescue.

After reading about how their 12-Inch, 5-layer premium foam mattress provides the ideal support and how the Comfort Blend™ technology integrates with the Active Grid for enhanced comfort and pressure-point relief, I'd made up my mind. The Pod Prohad to be my next mattress.

Once it arrived it was quick to set up and I was ready for my first night of satisfying sleep. I set my optimal temperature on the Pod Pro app along with the time I wanted to wake up and off to bed I went.

Opening my eyes without the dreaded buzzing of my alarm was blissful. The GentleRise Wake Up Technology worked an absolute treat. And as I made my way downstairs I felt fully rested for the first time in a long time.

One month into sleeping on my Pod Pro and it has delivered everything it promises and more. I fall asleep the minute my head hits the pillow, and I'm blissfully asleep until it's time to wake up - no more interruptions!

And the proof is not only in how I feel but in my Oura score, it just keeps getting more customized and accurate. My sleep is almost near perfect!

screenshot of oura app stats

And my body is really feeling the benefits of consistent high-quality sleep Thanks to my Eight Sleep Pod Pro.

If your 2021 health goal is to sleep through the night, every night, then I - and the other 30,000 Pod Pro lovers out there - highly recommend this next-generation mattress.

The Winter Sale Starts Tomorrow: Get $250 Off The Pod, or $100 Off The Pod Cover and 20% Off Accessories!

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