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Glass Animals Bring Dreamland.irl To Brooklyn

Glass Animals Bring Dreamland.irl To Brooklyn

Image courtesy of Drew Perez, Instagram: @d.r.e.w.b.y

On August 8th and 9th, Glass Animals took over Brooklyn Mirage and Popdust had the chance to catch it for you.

So, we all know “Heat Waves” right? Released in June of 2020, Glass Animals released the song-of-the-summer that we had no idea would never end. Flash forward to 2022, the chart topping track has not only stayed relevant but has been remixed by artists like Diplo, Sonny Fodera, and Iann Dior.

However, the Glass Animals tour is far more than one song and their two night-run at Brooklyn Mirage for Dreamland.irl proves just that. Now, you all know, if it's at Mirage - I’m there. Unlike other nights, this English indie rock band invaded the venue from the moment you step through the door.

Glass Animals Dreamland.irl, Xbox/PAC MAN activation lounge. Courtesy of Morgan Gelber

Instaneously, you’re in Dreamland with clouds above and neon lighting the way to the stage so you’re literally immersed in the album. But let’s be honest, who goes to a concert if there’s no cute photo-op? Not in this day in age. Thankfully, fans got their aesthetic fill before the show even began.

Bonus: For those who came early, Glass Animals collaborated with Xbox to bring a one-of-a-kind lounge set-up in Mirage. The group has used PAC-MAN in their creatives over the years. And with Xbox releasing their new PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC game on August 26th, the lounge gave fans a chance to play early. They even had a chance to win a limited-edition PAC-MAN Xbox console and Glass Animals seeding kit.

Back to the main event: Glass Animals gave us 90-minutes, but the fans clearly wanted more.

Opening with “Dreamland” a projection of an old-school computer guided us through the night with nostalgic visuals and innovative pop-ups. Not long after we were treated to “Tangerine” with PAC-MAN graphics running on screen. For the full set list click here.

It was certainly different from what I’ve witnessed at Mirage over the last few months. I’m used to people crowded together and singing along. But with Glass Animals, I wasn’t prepared for the sheer amount of affection. Whether it was two friends swaying arm-in-arm, or a couple enveloped in each other, one singing into the other's ear.

While the crowd was invested, it's no easy feat keeping an audience of that size captivated. No matter who you are or what you’re doing. Lead singer Dave Bayley was spectacular - out of breath at some points but clearly in love with the moment.

Every artist does the “I love you ____!” But it’s rare you feel it like Bayley does as he stands on the edge of an on-stage diving board.

Dave Bayley singing on the edge of a diving board at Brooklyn Mirage. Courtesy of Drew Perez, Instagram: @d.r.e.w.b.y

Was it a perfect show? For an indie rock band that we won’t be seeing back on tour for a while, it was as good as it gets. I heard the crowd’s disappointment as Glass Animals didn’t play “Melon and the Coconut”. But when you’ve got to cram years worth of hits into 90-minutes, you have to make choices.

Of course, Glass Animals' final encore sent us off with our beloved “Heat Wave.” Although they made us work for it, on edge one minute to the next waiting.

Years of anticipation built up in the hearts of emotionally-inclined-NYC-indie-rock fans spilled out into the heavy heat of an August night when we finally got to scream “sometimes all I think about is you.”

Thank you, Glass Animals. Only at The Brooklyn Mirage could we give you a full, Monday night house. We’re patiently waiting for your next banger (please, do it before next June 🙏).

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