Jason Momoa's Tank Top Won Every Golden Globe

The Game of Thrones star's biceps were on full display.


There were many exciting sights to behold and controversial speeches to hear at last night's Golden Globe Awards, but there was one guest in particular whose ensemble truly threw me for a loop.

I shouldn't have so been surprised; we are, after all, talking about Jason Momoa, the guy who donned a Fendi scrunchie on his wrist at last year's Oscars to match his pink tuxedo. Continuing his trend of coordinating with wife Lisa Bonet, the Game of Thrones behemoth of a man walked the Golden Globes red carpet in a forest green velvet suit jacket. But, in true Momoa fashion, it wasn't long before his guns were drawn; for a brief moment, viewers could see him in a black tank top that looked way more appropriate for the gym than the Globes.

Coming from someone who is admittedly prone to overheating, I'm absolutely not judging. With that number of people in one room in Southern California, any velvet outerwear is bound to get quite steamy, and with arms like that, even a custom-tailored tux must feel restrictive. Plus, if you look closely, it appears that Bonet might have the coat draped over her shoulders to keep her from getting chilly. Which, in that case, aww!

Plus, I am an advocate for masculine folks breaching the standard restrictions of male red carpet fashion (even if it looks as basic as Hanes brand wife-beaters). If women can sport anything from Saoirse Ronan's chainlink slip dress to Phoebe Waller-Bridge's tweed pantsuit, men shouldn't be afraid to take some liberties in their ensembles, whether it be value-pack chic or Billy Porter's train of feathers.

Or, maybe Momoa's pits were just sweaty, making his look a giant leap toward normalizing sweatiness. Reasoning aside, we're thankful for those arms.

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