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T. Thomason Releases Joyful Video for "Birdsong"

The Canadian singer released the music video for his new track, a small and powerful meditation on bodies and transformation.

Meghan Tansey Whitton

In an exclusive Popdust premiere, Canadian artist T. Thomason shares the new video for his latest single, "Birdsong."

The new release is Thomason's latest preview of his self-titled debut, due out September 25. "Birdsong" follows in the steps of its predecessors, "Bliss" and "Loser," flexing a muscular synth-pop sound under poetic lyricism. The music video makes the track's journey of self-discovery feel tangible and even more powerful than the track's gentle exploration.

Birdsong (Official Music Video) - T. Thomason youtu.be

Beginning with a closeup with of Thomason's face, the camera pulls back to reveal the shirtless singer as he shaves his head in slow, gentle movements. His gaze is deadly serious as he stands alone against a plain backdrop, which is set against an open field. "Can't unsee, but you can unlearn," Thomason sings in his dreamy voice, as he begins striding towards the camera. With every frame, he makes his body the video's imperative focal point, at once implicitly vulnerable and invulnerable.

Despite the release's technical simplicity, Thomason's command of pop music paired with powerful visuals makes "Birdsong" dynamic. Thomason walks into the sunlight over the song's soaring production, and as he breaks out in a wide grin, it feels like something's truly blossoming when he sings, "Just let me change / New body, new name." It's rare that pop gets such a solid grip on a moment of transformation, and T. Thomason makes this small joy feel massive.

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