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Kim Zolciak Reveals Huge Raise for Show ‘Don’t Be Tardy’

The reality television star and her daughter are raking in around a combined $1.7 million

Kim Zolciak managed to become a standout star from The Real Housewives of Atlanta — and now she's making bank in her own show, Don't Be Tardy.

Zolciak and her daughter just finished filming season 7 of their show and an unknown source just revealed their salaries. The source said the duo negotiated more money to come back and thus, got a raise.

Bravo is giving the mother-daughter duo a raise that would even keep me on the show — Zolciak is now making $125,000 an episode which amounts to about $1.5 million for the season. Her daughter, Brielle Biermann also got a raise — she's now pulling in around $16,000 per episode, amounting to around $192,000 for the season.

A couple months ago, Zolciak made a scene after making racist comments on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She stated her belief that racism isn't real and before that, called NeNe Leakes' home a 'roach nest.' Zolciak later said that her coworkers always play the race card and that she makes no association with her words and racism.

Kroy Biermann, Zolciak's husband and Biermann's adopted dad, also got a cut of the deal. During his career in the NFL, Biermann didn't really need to be paid that much by the show — however, now that he's out, he renegotiated his deal with the show and became executive producer, along with Zolciak.

Don't Be Tardy came to be when she met Atlanta Falcons defensive end Kroy Biermann whom she married in November 2011 — the show itself follows Zolciak for the two months leading up to her wedding. Colin Cowie, a celebrity event planner, helps the duo and different problems arise to entertain viewers, such as Zolciak's mom not wanting to come.

After the first initial season, we follow Zolciak and Biermann around in their new lives — two new baby boys and then two more twins in the next season. It also seems like with the exception of her oldest daughters, the couple is naming their children with 'K' names — Kardashian jealousy anyone?

We don't know if the show will be renewed for an eighth season but with these new raises, it'll probably happen — who knows, maybe by that time Brielle will be a big enough star to host her own show.

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kim zolciak atlanta mansion House Tour Tuesday—Kim Zolciak's Atlanta Mansion

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta “singer" of Don't Be Tardy, mother-of-six, and doting wife of athlete Kroy Biermann never does anything small—as evidenced by Kim Zolciak's Atlanta mansion.

From her bodacious boobs, to her wild wigs, to her humungous home, this gal is livin' large in Atlanta. Her new place with her hunky hubby and kids is a mega-mansion.

House Tour Tuesday—Lisa Vanderpump's Absolutely Fabulous Villa Rosa

Heck, Us Weekly reports there's even an elevator to transport Kim and her red Solo cup cocktail from one floor to the next.

Here's what else the home boasts:

First up, there's a luxurious swimming pool in the yard which looks more like a beach club, decked with fancy lounge chairs and a huge patio. Can we come over for a dip, Kim?

House Tour Tuesday—Kanye West And Kim Kardashian's $20Mill Mega Mansion

The front of the mansion is covered with gorgeous brick, giant windows, and a large circular driveway for all their cars and SUVs.

The living room is decorated in luxe black, white, and grey, with cozy chairs, sexy sofas, and round rugs. Elaborate drapery surrounds the floor-to-ceiling windows making the room bright and open.

House Tour Tuesday—Beyonce and Jay Z's New Orleans Mansion

Kim's a lover of the outrageous, making her “Candy Cane" room unique in shades of red and white, with large mirrors, chaise lounges, and fancy seating. An expensive chandelier tops off the room with elegance.

Of course, Kroy needs his space, hence the “Man Cave." Shades of brown with leather and animal prints make the room most cave-like, and the wet bar makes it perfect for drinking with the boys.

The study looks sophisticated and smart, though we're not sure who's doing any studying in that room, especially with a large portrait of Kim strapped in leather hanging above the fireplace.

Looking At 17-Year-Old Kylie Jenner's $2.7 Mil House Can Seriously F*ck Your Zen Up

The master bedroom is magical, with a bed fit for a queen and her king, plenty of space, and lots of special touches. A soft beige rug makes the room warm and snuggly.

The kids' rooms and nursery are nicer than most of our entire homes and will set them up for wanting nothing but the best as they get older. Let's hope the family keeps going strong bringing in the reality TV dough.

Apparently, Kim has “closed her legs to married men" and opened her home to her large and good-looking family.

Take a tour of Kim Zolciak's Atlanta mansion courtesy of Bravo TV—and check out other stars' fabulous homes here

Kim Zolciak-Biermann had the fright of her life last night when she suffered a mini stroke.

The reality star had flown home to Atlanta from her latest performance on Dancing With The Stars in Los Angeles and suffered the mini stroke (transient ischemic attack), losing all feeling in her left side as well as the ability to speak.

Kim Zolciak’s Teen Daughter Gets Humungous Fake Tits For Graduation

Luckily she was surrounded by friends and family, husband Kroy Biermann, friend Niki Toney-Pressley, daughter Brielle and Brielle's boyfriend Slade Osborne who all jumped into action and effectively saved her life by getting her treatment fast.

True to her reality roots, she shared the news with her fans via a selfie posted on Instagram where she confirmed that she has recovered 100% of her feeling and speech—however she was kept in hospital as a precaution.



A mini stroke happens  when the blood flow to the brain temporarily stops.  It has the same symptoms as an actual stroke but does not generally cause any brain damage, and symptoms usually disappear within 24 hours.  It can however, be a warning sign that an actual stroke may happen in the future.

Kim Zolciak Denies Nosejob Even Though We Aren’t Blind!

Kim, 37, had received Botox injections on Monday just prior to the show—she even posted a selfie with Dr Simon Ourian, who also treats the Kardashians. Kim has said in the past that she doesn't only use Botox for beauty reasons, it also helps her with migraines.

Experts have said there is not thought to be problems with flying after having Botox or filler injections, although some Doctors recommend patients wait 24-48 hours to be sure.

It's not clear yet whether Kim will make it to Monday's DWTS performance.  She's been having a tough time of it on the show having been up for elimination twice and she's losing valuable practice time.

Get well soon Kim!


Kim with DWTS partner Tony Dovolani

Nothing says 'I'm proud of my teenage daughter's scholastic achievements' like a humungous pair of fake tits.

Kim Zolciak's 18-year-old daughter is the happy recipient of such a thoughtful graduation present, and is [of course] showing off her newly amplified assets on social media.

Brielle Zolciak has been slowly morphing more and more into her reality TV star mother each passing week it seems—with the two sporting matching Barbie doll shaved down and upturned noses, plumped up pouts, fake tans, fake lashes, hair extensions…and now, matching fake racks.

The fact that Brielle is only 18, and therefore still developing physically might act as a deterrent to some parents when it comes to paying for plastic surgery…. the fact that, as most teen girls do, she likely needs reassurance that she looks great the way she is, without surgical enhancement…..the fact that as she graduates school you might want to put emphasis on her mental capacity and her smarts rather than her bra size and tits…..well, that's all just nonsense when it comes to Kim Zolciak.

Ugh….. just…. ugh….Perhaps if she makes it to college proud momma can buy her a labiaplasty.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to get my head around what self respecting 18-year-old wants to look like their mom?!!!!!

It's happening!

Bravo has announced a new show starring Nene Leakes and Kim Zolciak.

The weave tuggin' frenemies were in NYC last week to talk about their upcoming show Nene and Kim:  The Road To Riches which will follow them on their adventures as they take a road trip around the USA.

Now, you may remember, the last trip they took together, in an RV to Miami in 2011, resulted in the huge argument which put the final nail in the coffin of their onscreen friendship (NeNe accused Kim of treating her assistant Sweetie like a slave).

Don't be expecting the old fireworks though. Both Nene "I am very rich" Leakes and Kim "Can you pour some wine in my coffee cup?" Zolciak have moved on from those dirty laundry airing days. The two ladies have become considerably more media savvy since their last appearances together on Real Housewives of Atlanta in Season 5, when Kim quit the series halfway through as she really couldn't be assed with all the fighting since she was too busy producing babies at a rate of knots.

They were originally genuine friends though and have since made up behind the scenes, with Kim, and husband Kroy Biermann, attending NeNe's nuptials to ex-hubby, Greg Leakes, in 2013.

What the show does promise to deliver is the hilarious one liners from the divas and the same banter between the two of them that we saw from Season 1 of RHOA—should be good!


In a move that might embarrass Pinocchio, Real Housewife Of Atlanta Kim Zolciak is angrily refuting nosejob rumors with pictures of her children's noses.

That won't work, Kim! Just admit it like NeNe Leakes and Whatshername from RHOBH! Big deal, after the boobs and the wigs. The nosejob is small potatoes in the scheme of things!

In fact, the nose is now a can opener! Look at how sharp it is!

But instead of being proud of that versatile can opener, Kim is fuming on social media, only making herself look silly.

Don't sacrifice the dignity that is your hallmark, Kim, just to cover up a perfectly normal Real Housewife endeavor!

What do you think, people? Should Kim stick to her story or admit to the retooled nose? Or should she just go away quietly?