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Dance-pop duo Krewella, the Pakistani-American sisters, hooks up with Yellow Claw on "Rewind."

Krewella & Yellow Claw - Rewind (Official Music Video)

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With the constant onslaught of complicated news that 2020 has brought, sometimes you just want to be able to shut off your brain, relax, and feel happy.

Enter comfort films. These are the feel-good movies that feel like a warm hug when you finish them, the ones that allow you to escape for a short while. We often turn to these types of films in times of trouble or extreme stress, and when we're not sure what films of this nature we should watch, we turn to the Internet for options.

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Sevana's New Video for "If You Only Knew" Is a Breath of Fresh Air

Reggae meets a dreamy, modern flair in a new song by multitalented singer Sevana.

Destinee Condison

Sevana has released a video for her song "If You Only Knew." It's a vivid and entrancing journey, a love song designed for hot summer days and nights.

The video is a collaboration with Puma, and Sevana wears the brand effortlessly, making it work for her. She's thoroughly glamorous in radiant pink eye shadow and bright colors that serve to accent the music and the song's message. "If you only knew," she sings, throwing in a flawless run here and there, "how far I'd go for you." It's about sacrificing everything for love, dedicating oneself to preserving a relationship and feeling overwhelmed by the depth and joy of true romance.

Sevana - If You Only Knew (Official Video)

Through it all, Sevana's voice is a highlight of the entire project. Effortless, airy and buttery, it floats above dreamy melodies and a reggae backdrop, forming a blend that feels timeless and yet profoundly modern.

Altogether, the song and video seem to be about movement—many shots find Sevana traveling across bridges, over streets and through bodies of water, buoyed by similar momentums of music and love. It's also infectious enough to persuade the listener to get up and move (even if it's within the confines of our still-quarantined apartments). Pops of vibrant color—green-azure waters, bold red houses, wide blue skies—make the video a visually stimulating adventure, a love letter to places as well as a person.

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