Look, concerts are great. I would love to see my entire Spotify Wrapped lineup live. And I’ve spent thousands of dollars on Harry Styles' events alone — judge me if you want, I don’t plan on stopping. But my wallet isn’t as enthusiastic.

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2024 Grammy Awards Recap

New Taylor, snubs everywhere, and lots of outfits
Biggest moments at the 2024 Grammys

The 66th annual Grammy Awards were last night at the Crypto.com Arena in the not-so-sunny Los Angeles, California. As storms raged outside the arena, I tuned in for close to five hours of red carpet coverage and the sparkling ceremony to watch music's biggest night and make my own judgments.

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UMG Says You Can't Listen To Taylor Swift On TikTok

In a Clash Of The Titans: The Music Industry Takes on TikTok

Part of the music industry in today's world involves promoting via social media - especially on platforms with mega-influence like TikTok. Artists will tease songs, new artists will be discovered on the platform, and if a sound goes viral tracks can resurge and soar into popularity. You saw it with songs like "Kill Bill" by SZA and "Flowers" by Miley Cyrus.

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It feels like it's been a minute since the last Weekend Playlist...hasn't it? I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and maybe took some much-needed time off work and socials. Sadly, we're in the dead of winter, which means I'm losing steam quickly.

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Whether you are ready or not, we are officially in 2024. It’s okay if you’ve already abandoned your overambitious resolutions for more plausible goals — or if you’ve just given up entirely. There’s always next year.

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