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White Supremacy and Erasing American History: John Wayne's Son Pushes Back Against Airport Name Change

Democratic politicians are pushing to rename John Wayne Airport after "White Supremacy" Playboy interview resurfaces

In Orange County this week, a group of Democratic politicians has been pushing to remove John Wayne's name as well as a 9-foot statue of the actor from John Wayne Airport, but John Wayne's son is pushing back.

America has always struggled to reckon with the crimes of its past. While Germany has made a national project out of remembering the evils of the Nazi regime, America prefers to either deny that our nation's crimes were as bad as they sound, or to shrug them off as too long ago to be worthy of attention.

Yet somehow, in that hazy distant past, beyond the realm of clear facts or moral concern, we manage to idolize and identify with a few sainted figures—like the slave-owning founders who enshrined the national values of liberty and justice for all (as long as you have some very strange definitions of the words "liberty," "justice," and "all").

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