Two years after leaving the boyband, In Real Life, vocal sensation SERGIO is doing things his own way. Since joining the Pepsi Music Lab Class of 2023, he’s learned how to stay true to his unique sound while completely changing his style. One rebrand and many life experiences later, SERGIO is releasing his single “BACK UP” to signal the coming of a new era.

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Syd Palmieri’s new track “INSANE” takes us inside the experience of someone in a new relationship. And who has not yet gotten over their ex. A frustrating, infuriating state of being, where they're stuck in a cataclysm where they can’t fully connect with a new significant other because they aren’t 100% invested.

See our interview with her below.

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Tritonal released Coalesce on Thursday (9/8). The duo's fifth full-length album is massive, with 18 tracks clocking in at an hour and 22 minutes. Many of the tracks were written between meditation and yoga sessions in Utah. With numerous collaborators helping create a pulsing late night atmosphere, Coalesce is one of those albums that creates its own universe.

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Azra Tells Popdust About Her New Single "Hell and Back"

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