The New "Final Fantasy VII Remake" Key Art Says So Much in One Image

Welcome back to Midgar.


Final Fantasy VII Remake is shaping up to be, quite possibly, the most exciting video game release of the modern era.

While it's hard to imagine that any game could ever live up to the absurd levels of hype, each new reveal–be it gameplay footage, summon animations, or character trailers–somehow seems better than the last.

Most recently, the official Final Fantasy VII Remake Twitter account revealed a new piece of key art which will most likely appear on promotional materials leading up to the game's launch date on April 10th. It's an absolutely gorgeous image, but more importantly, the new key art utilizes its limited space to convey so much about the world and characters of Final Fantasy VII.

In this single image, the entire dynamics of the story come to life. The Shinra Headquarters, hub of the Shinra Electric Power Company megacorporation, looms in darkness behind our heroes–a group of eco-terrorists and renegades who stand in opposition the Shinra's underhanded sociopolitical influence, which is actively ruining lives and destroying the planet. They gaze out into the distance from their perch on a broken bridge hanging above the slums of Midgar.

Cloud, ex-SOLDIER for Shinra and current mercenary, takes center stage on his iconic motorcycle. Aerith, the mysterious flower girl being pursued by Shinra, stands closest to Cloud's side. Their physical proximity in the picture, closer than any other two characters, implies the romantic nature of their relationship. Barret and Tifa, staunch eco-terrorists dedicated to saving the planet from Shinra's misdeeds, stands behind them backing the rear. And finally, Red XIII, the lion-like creature rescued by the group from Shinra's secret laboratory, hangs off to the side, partnered up in hopes of returning to his ancestral home in a canyon outside the city.

They look hopeful, maybe even confident that a bright future lies within their reach–a future free from Shinra's shadow and the evils of unchecked capitalism. All our heroes need to do is take that future back. In that sense, perhaps Final Fantasy VII is even more relevant now than it was 23 years ago.