PREMIERE | Angela Josephine Dazzles on 'Go Easy'

Beautifully intimate alt-country


Angela Josephine premieres "Go Easy" on Popdust.

"Go Easy" is from Josephine's latest LP, Daylight (Stone Bright Solid, Volume 2), a collection of songs probably best described as folk-rock opera. From beginning to end, the project encompassed seven years and, like a musical by Ridley Scott, probes the disparity of dark and light.

In 2002, Josephine released her debut album, A Restful Sense of Urgency, recorded in a barn studio in Michigan. She followed in 2006, with Grace Exhaled, and again in 2012 with the release of Stone Bright Solid, Volume 1, collaborating with producer Chris Bathgate, who also produced and lends his voice to "Go Easy."

Josephine's talents encompass art and poetry. Her paintings were featured in Grand Traverse Art Bomb, while her poetry has appeared in a wide array of publications.

"Go Easy" opens with a tender drawling guitar followed by Bathgate's honeyed voice. Riding an alt country/folk flavored tune, the measured music exudes entreating hues, as the guitar's austere tones coalesce with the poignant colors of the violin. There's a sublime Celtic lilt to the music, imbuing it with a shroud of potency.

When Josephine's voice enters, nuanced with tight, gorgeous timbres, the tune assumes mesmerizing wisps of velvety texture, like a prayer of petition. It's a glorious voice, full of passionate apostrophes addressed to her lover. As the two voices blend, the song attains fervent tenderness.

The video, directed by Helen Rollins, was shot in Riddel's Warehouse in Belfast, and features Irish actor Phil Dixon. Spartan yet wonderfully intimate, the visuals project intense pangs of protectiveness, as both Josephine and Dixon make themselves vulnerable to the heartbreak of love.

"Go Easy" radiates susceptibility, fervor, and emotional urgency, assembling moods in artful sequence. Put simply, it's beautifully wrought, both visually and aurally.

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