PopCuts PreBrents: The Popdust Office Is a Land of Chaos

Brooke gives Brent a haircut.


We do very serious work here at the Popdust offices: we spend hours a day arguing about whether Cillian Murphy is ugly-hot or just hot, play a lot of ping-pong, and probably drink too many nights a week to be considered healthy functioning adults.

Most of all, we, as a team, watch in terror and delight as Brent Butler, our fearless leader, stumbles through his day to day life with an endless arsenal of puns, granola, and hair product. Brent is known for many things, including his seemingly infinite appetite for yogurt and deep love of Weezer and graphic tees, but most of all, Brent is known for his questionable decisions.

Without fail, these decisions are borne from a desire to make life as fun and entertaining as possible, and without fail, they end in unexpected and hilarious ways. The latest of these decisions was Brent's decision to allow me, Popdust assistant editor, and notoriously impulsive millennial, Brooke, to give him a haircut. The stakes of this undertaking are higher than they sound, as Brent is passionate about and protective of his golden locks to a degree that is difficult to imagine if you haven't personally witnessed it. Yet, he insisted on this undertaking, prompting questions from the rest of the staff of whether he was emotionally stable and psychologically whole. Nevertheless, we went forward with this absurd plan, taping it for the pleasure and terror of our viewers. At long last, here it is. Most of all, we're so sorry.

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