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Celebrate YOU With Our Pride Playlist

LGBTQ+ and allies at a Pride month rave

The rave community was built by misfits, beautiful freaks, and queer people of color. Today it's dominated by cis heteronormative white men. Time to take back our nights.

Let’s not forget that for eons the LGBTQ+ world and its underground culture have fueled the hottest music & fashion, and incited the fight for human rights.

Music allows us to express ourselves, take comfort, and show our love. Celebrate this Pride Month with these fabulous LGBTQ+ artists who bring us refuge, hope, and jubilation.

9. Open-Ended Resource - Andrew Bayer (he/him) | Featuring Alison May (they/them)

Andrew Bayer is a DJ and Grammy-nominated producer and the mastermind behind many hits on the Anjunabeats label. Alison May is a non-binary & gender-queer singer-songwriter who lends their voice to some transcendent tracks. As a huge queer Anjuna fan, this anthem holds a special place in my heart.

8. Chosen Family (Duet w/ Elton John) - Rina Sawayma (she/hers)

Rina Sawayma is a British-Japanese singer-songwriter who fiercely came out as pansexual with her song Cherry. Sawayma’s captivated the likes of Lady Gaga (she/hers) and Elton John (he/him) with her talent. A magnificent duet that truth-tells about those rare soul-bonded relationships. Humans that slay together, stay together.

7. Stuck - Spencer Brown (he/him) | Featuring Marieme (she/her)

Spencer Brown is a DJ and Producer who came out in 2020 through this vulnerable and heartfelt essay. Stuck is a collaboration with Senegalese-American singer Marieme. Spencer leads with gratitude and love - the melody is full, soft. The warm electronic beats feel like a hug!

6. Bi Pride and Bi Anthem - Domo Wilson (she/her)

Imma cheat and give you two songs in one spot. Because the bisexual community is pretty much the most overlooked squad in the LGBTQ+ universe. Check out Domo Wilson - a black bisexual queen who started as a YouTuber and rapidly gained a following for her comedy and super-catchy tunes.

Both showcase the miss-understanding that the bisexual community faces from the LGBTQ+ and heteronormatives. Brace yourself for some serious bisexual realness!

5. Non-Binary - Arca (they/she/it)

Arca is a Venezuelan musician, singer, composer, rapper, visual artist, record producer and DJ. With eight studio albums, Arca has worked with the Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Planningtorock, SOPHIE, Rosalía and Sia. Their art gives a glimpse into the journey that trans and non-binary folks go through. Non-Binary’s unapologetic video is museum-worthy. The visuals will leave you wanting more.

4. Medusa (Wreckno) - GRiZ (he/his)

Wreckno (he/his) is an up-and-coming artist who gender-bends with his badass beats while being his humble-old-funky self. GRiZ is someone I look up to in the rave community. A passionate, social justice activist, GRiZ continuously gives back. Medusa will have you twerking your way all over the dance floor the entire night!

3. Hideous - Oliver Sim (he/him/his)

In Hideous Oliver Sim explores the struggles of living with shame, radical love, and what it means to live with HIV+ today. Artfully crafted, the video blends queer imagery and finds beauty in the unconventional.

2.Work - Featuring Dave Giles II, Cor.Ece & Mike Dunn by Honey Dijon

Mother Honey Dijon is a proud black trans woman who is a pioneer of bending and blending gender, music, and fashion. Her sets feature a range of genres unlike any I‘ve heard before. She plays a shimmering role in the trans, black, queer, and with underground folx, creating a safe space where the LGBTQ+ community can rejoice in their truest selves! Work is the sort of queer and non-queer black excellence that is house music royalty.

1. The Village - Wrabel (he/him)

Wrabel is one of the most underrated LGBTQ+ artists of this generation. The Village narrates precisely what it’s like to be a trans male fighting for his identity in a conservative town. Any queer person who grew up in - and hopefully escaped - The Village will relate. P.S. Have your tissues ready!

Wilson Andres is a Mexican queer raver activist who transforms party spaces to ensure a safe rave space for everyone through diversity, inclusivity, equity, visibility, harm reduction, and consent.

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