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💫Beystrology: Which Renaissance Track Are You?

Beyonce for Renaissance

Courtesy of Beyoncé | Parkwood Media

After delivering Lemonade in 2016 - what many believed was Beyoncé's most culturally relevant album in her outstanding body of work - and surviving the constricting world of covid lockdown, Queen Bey has turned to the liberation of the dancefloor. Bey’s inviting the world to shed our stress and sweat it off to her blockbuster seventh studio album, Renaissance.

The 16-track album presents the pop superstar in a way we’ve never seen before: unapologetic and unafraid to shatter her pristine image with songs that flaunt her sexuality, her Blackness, and celebrate the uniqueness of her huge queer fanbase!

If you haven’t taken to the dancefloor while these funky, disco-tinged dance tracks are playing, all I can say is, what are you waiting for?

While you revel in this hypnotizing gift of an album, find out which track aligns with your star sign and get ready to dance the summer away!

Aries♈️: Heated

Someone call the fire department! Bold, fiery, and charming. Like this Drake-penned track, you’re ready to flaunt what your momma gave you and prove you are the MVP!

“Only a real one can tame me, only the radio can play me!”

Beyoncé - HEATED (Official Lyric Video)

Taurus♉️: Thique

Saturated in sensuality - and a bit of materialism. This song - like the bull of the zodiac - is clearly ruled by Venus and not afraid to celebrate their voluptuous figure or ask for the finer things in life!

“This that thick, that’s that real $h!t. That's that jelly, baby, champagne and cherry, baby.”

Beyoncé - THIQUE (Official Lyric Video)

Gemini♊️: Cuff It

A playful, disco-tinged song, that - like most Geminis - is witty, lighthearted, and ready to inspire a night of zany, crazy but fun memories that’ll light up the rest of your summer.

“Unapologetic when we fuck up the night, fuck up the night!”

Beyoncé - CUFF IT (Official Lyric Video)

Cancer♋️: Chuch Girl

Often seen as a softer, more innocent sign. Like track 7, Cancers are finally coming out of their shells and growing into their sexuality without judgment or shame.

“I'm gonna love on me, Nobody can judge me but me (Ooh). I was born free (Ooh, ooh)”

Beyoncé - CUFF IT (Official Lyric Video)

Leo♌️: I’m That Girl

Ruled by the sun, Leos are undoubtedly the leader of the zodiac, and there’s just not another song that sums up kings and queens of the jungle than the opening track of Renaissance!

It’s not my man, it’s not my stance, I’m that girl (I’m that girl)!"

Beyoncé - I'M THAT GIRL (Official Lyric Video)

Virgo♍️: Plastic Off The Sofa

One of the only slow-tempo songs featured on the album, POTS finds the singer (a Virgo) serenading her lover about how she adores his flaws and will take on the world with him.

“Boy, I love that you can't help but be yourself around me”

Beyoncé - PLASTIC OFF THE SOFA (Official Lyric Video)

Libra♎️: Energy

If ‘Can we get a vibe check’ was a song, it would be Beyonce’s Energy. And if there’s anything every Libra is all about, it’s a good time and good vibes.

“We was just chillin', mindin' our business Poppin' our pain and champagne through the ceilin'!"

Beyoncé - ENERGY (Official Lyric Video)

Scorpio♏️: America Has A Problem

Dark and - of course - oozing with sexuality, aptly describes this song and all of those Scorpios out there. Whatever your deal is when it comes to Scorpios, get ready to be mesmerized.

I'm supplying my man, I'm in demand soon as I land!”

Beyoncé - AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM (Official Lyric Video)

Sagittarius♐️: Pure/Honey

Get ready to sweat, this track will have you moving and grooving. Just like the fiery centaur, don’t expect this song to settle into one mere groove, it’s got places to go, people to see!

“Four, three, too fucking busy. That's my technique.”

Beyoncé - PURE/HONEY (Official Lyric Video)

Capricorn♑️: Move

Capricorns are all about their next business move and Beyonce is ready to push everything and anything out of her way on this infectious Tems & Grace Jones-assisted track.

“Don't make it turn into trouble 'Cause we comin' straight out the jungle!”

Beyoncé - MOVE (Official Lyric Video)

Aquarius♒️: Break My Soul

The sister sign to Leo (or opposite), Aquarius is the rebellious, revolutionary. And why they’re paired with this contagious lead single calling for everyone to release the stress!

“I'm lookin' for motivation! I'm lookin' for a new foundation, yeah. And I'm on that new vibration, I'm buildin' my own foundation, yeah!”

Beyoncé - BREAK MY SOUL (Official Lyric Video)

Pisces♓️: Alien Superstar

U-N-I-Q-U-E - there’s no better word that describes the final sign of the zodiac. An anthem for anyone who’s ever been called weird or different! Raise your freak flag high and celebrate YOU!

“(Unique)That's what you are…Category: sexy bitch, I'm the bar. Alien superstar!”

Beyoncé - ALIEN SUPERSTAR (Official Lyric Video)

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