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Video Premiere and Exclusive Interview | Devin Hayes Shares His "Best Mistake"

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From YouTube to the world stage, Devin Hayes makes sparks fly with his new music video, "Best Mistake."

"Music is my diary, and it's amazing I get to share that with the world," Devin Hayes tells us in our exclusive interview with him (read more below)! Devin first started growing his online presence by live streaming at home. Viewers quickly fell in love with his voice and personality and eagerly searched for more places show support. Fast forward to today and Devin's more than a viral sensation; he's a certified pop star.

Less than two weeks ago, Hayes' new single "Best Mistake" hit the web, and without missing a beat, he fast-followed today with a killer visual featuring the lovely Carrington Durham.

In 2017, the social media hunk felt like he was hitting a sophomore slump, and began considering other paths. On the verge of giving up, Devin received an email that changed his life. ABC's reality series Boyband knew a star in the making when they saw one, and they wanted Devin on the show. His national television breakthrough got him all the way to the final nine contestants, and although he didn't win he knew he had what it takes to be the one.

Devin Hayes, strolling down memory lane

Earlier this year, Devin packed up his bags and headed for L.A. Focused, he began swinging at the music industry like never before. With the first punch he landed himself on Jake Miller's aptly titled, nationwide "Hit and Run" tour. Then came the knockout: his debut album, The Mind's Diary and of course, his newest single, "Best Mistake." What's the next horizon for Hayes? He tells us in his own words below!

Exclusive Interview: Devin Hayes tells us about a life in music, working with Carrington Durham, and making his "Best Mistake:"

Devin Hayes, welcome to Popdust! How have you been?

I have been great. Lately I have felt so positive about moving to Los Angeles (which has always been my absolute dream) and about creating all this new music.

Can you talk to us more about "Best Mistake?"

"Best Mistake" is about accidental love. At first, you're really wanting to just focus on yourself and to not have any distractions moving forward with your life. You have this mindset that you can still get the satisfaction out of other people when it comes to relationship-type things (like hit and runs), so you continue to go through that process…but you come across this one person that was just supposed to be like the others, and it feels different. You try and deny the feelings and thoughts you have for this person, because after all, your main goal was to not catch feelings…but you just can't control it. You spend so much time with this person and all you want to do is just to be around them. Over time, you learn that with this certain someone, you start to become a better person yourself, and learn so much more.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this?

I wrote this song because this was the exact process I went through myself. I went through a pretty rough patch after my long-term/long-loved relationship ended awhile ago. I really didn't want to date nor love another person for a very long time. I went crazy when it came to other girls after that period. I didn't truly know or feel what I was doing, but I really made a lot of nice women damaged. As I grew more and more to get over my past love, and moved on deeper and deeper, I began to realize that what I was doing was not okay and was not me. I truly realized that after I met this girl through that process of what I thought was "healing" and messing around. She made me realize who I was becoming and what I was hurting. I still didn't want to feel for anyone anymore, but I couldn't stop thinking about her and how she helped me become a better man. So one night, I told her she was the "best mistake I've ever made"…and in that moment, it all felt so true to me. I started writing the song that night.

What can you tell us about the making of the video?

I went on tour with Jake Miller before the summer and met this super talented video creator/director he had with him, Sterling. Sterling has a true passion for creating visuals and stories…and I really respected his work. I remember talking to him for the first time in Atlanta after I saw him working on other video projects backstage. I was so fascinated about how he put together the video he was doing. I told him, "Yo…I need to work with you some time." And here we are, working together on my music video for "Best Mistake!" I was so stuck on ideas with what I could do to bring out the emotions of the song, and next thing you know he called me up saying something about being in two different worlds…like reality and a dream. I thought that was the coolest sh*t ever. I told him I wanted to fall asleep in reality, and then wake up inside of the literally take the bed in the forest and wake up there haha. We were both smilin' and loving the ideas we were bouncing off of.

Let me tell you, Sterling brought my vision to life. His visuals and coloring edits in this video are just absolutely beautiful. Big thanks to my guy Sterling Hampton!

How was working with Carrington Durham?

Carrington is just an all around beautiful person, inside and out. We've known each other since the beginning. Literally became friends with her at my first show ever about 5 years ago. Carrington fit the part and executed it PERFECTLY in this video. It gave us a chance to catch up with one another which was so heartwarming for us.

She is a true talent and I wish the best for her and her future.

What's your writing and recording process?

First I like to get the general idea of a song down first. Throughout my days, I am thinking about hundreds of different things which can be a blessing and a curse. I like to write these things down when I think of them followed by what I'm feeling in that exact moment so I can look back on it and possibly write something about it. I feel these are things everybody thinks about or goes through in life, and I feel it's amazing to put that into musical-form for listeners to connect with. Music is my diary, and it's amazing I get to share that with the world.

I do all of my vocal recordings in my home/room studio. I like to edit and record my own vocals because that's how I feel most comfortable. It's super fun to learn more and more about that process of mixing/editing also.

Gaze of the Hayes

Does this mean we can expect more new material from you - how's that coming along? If so, any tentative release date or title in mind for the next project?

People can expect so many more projects from me in the near future. I already have my next one finished! But for now, I want people to connect and jam out to this one. If you don't feel some sort of connection or emotion in this single, then I haven't done my job right (;

Any plans for upcoming shows?

I just finished up a nationwide tour a few months ago, but I'm really missing my fans and performing for them knows? Right now I've just been settling and adjusting to living on my own out here. L.A. show soon? (;

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