Dido's New Album Will Be Followed By Her First Tour in 15 Years

Still on My Mind was written and recorded almost entirely with her brother, Rollo Armstrong.

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It's easy to imagine the relish that a music writer might conceivably take in dismissing English singer Dido as a one-hit-wonder.

A tempting rhetorical strategy, yes, but as lazy and self-serving as appointing a son-in-law as your senior advisor.

Taking my own advise, then, I'll just say this: Dido, a singer who came to the attention of most state siders when Eminem sampled the chorus to her song "Thank You" back in 2002, is dropping her first album in six years, on March 8.

Dido - Hurricanes (Official Audio) www.youtube.com

She's not what you'd call prolific, as Still on My Mind (under the BMG label) is only her fifth album since No Angel, the 1999 album which contained the aforementioned hit single. For the new 12-track album, Dido enlisted her brother Rollo Armstrong, indispensable since No Angel — so essential to Dido's songwriting process, in fact, that she has stated the album wouldn't have gotten made without his involvement. The two siblings recorded most of the music at home, going so far as to track vocals from the sofa.

That modus operandi is in marked contrast to 2013's Girl Who Got Away, which saw the input of Jeff Bhaskar (Jay-Z, Kanye West) and musical polymath Jon Brion, among others; and Safe Trip Home, which featured The Root's Questlove and god himself, Brian Eno.

As tour shy as she is withholding in adding to her discography, the platinum haired chanteuse has nonetheless penciled herself in for a swing around Europe, America, and Canada, from May 5 to June 30. Go here to learn more.

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