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DYLYN Reveals an Inner "Secret"

DYLYN gets vulnerable and lets out her pain.

Mackenzie Duncan

DYLYN, who hails from Toronto, Canada, unveils her new music video – "Secret" – today. Popdust spoke with her about the captivating new song.

What inspired the song?

This one is personal. My life was turned upside down and as a result this song emerged. 'Secret' became therapeutic, it helped me deal with this crazy thing that happens to so many people, yet often remains a taboo subject; especially in song," explains DYLYN. "'Secret' gave me a chance to connect with people, with my fans whose parents also split up due to infidelity; it became a way of reaffirming myself and others 'You are not the only one going through this.' When you write a song from such an honest and vulnerable place - that's when the magic happens.

DYLYN - Secret (Official Music Video) youtu.be

Who produced it? What was the recording experience like?

The record was produced by Marty Martino. The writing process was all about 20 minutes. I was hesitant about writing about such a personal story, but as the lyrics started to unfold, everything fell into place. I recorded the song in a very dim lit vocal booth. I wanted to get into a headspace where I could feel alone with myself and deliver the lyrics from the most honest place.

What do you want people to take away from the song? Was there a particular mood you were trying to capture? A story you were trying to tell?

I want people to know they're not alone and especially as a child of divorce. We often focus so much on the two people involved that other members of the family are forgotten. It was really hard for me to watch my parents separate after being together for so long; my brother and I went through a lot. The resolve in the end is forgiveness and ultimately love. Singing about your own experiences gives others the chance to connect and realize they're not alone. When I was younger and fell into a dark headspace, music was always my therapy and outlet to get my emotions out - I'm hoping this does the same for others.

What are your plans for the next year?

I'm currently working on a new EP that is forecasted to be released this year. I'm very excited to get this music out and tour again. This record is going to be more raw and I want to put all my emotions on the table. 'Secret' gave me the courage to do that.

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