The Smart Mattress That These NBA Stars Swear By

How do these athletes do it? When we see them performing at the top of their game it's almost like looking at magic. Everyone's thinking "I could never do what they do."

Well, maybe we could if we knew their secrets.

Two-Time NBA Champion Danny Green has revealed one of his secrets and it's ….the Pod by Eight Sleep, the smartest mattress out there. This LA Lakers star and NBA veteran is at the top of his game and not because of luck, but because he is an athlete who works hard and looks after his body in the right way.

Danny talks about his love for the Pod and how it has made him "sleep fit! "The Pod cools me down so I sleep deeper, my muscles recover and I get stronger", is how he describes the benefits of the Pod for him.

When you're sleep fit, you're sharper, faster, and perform at a higher level physically and mentally than if you're deprived of quality sleep.

Danny has learned all about his sleep fitness thanks to his Eight Sleep Pod, and was able to improve his sleep to help him excel even more on the court.

As Danny says himself, as an athlete your recovery is so important. When we are sleeping this is the time our bodies recover, conserve energy, and repair and build up the muscles worked during a workout. This is why we need to make sure we are sleeping right and sleeping fit.

Let's see why Danny and so many other athletes are loving the Pod.

As we fall asleep our bodies heat up and that's not what we need for muscle recovery. The Pod is a temperature-controlled mattress, it can lower the surface temperature, to bring your body back to the perfect temperature.

It can also heat up depending on what your body needs. This personalized advanced cooling and heating technology helps you fall asleep faster and keep you asleep, which is so important to be sleep fit.

The Pod is designed with four layers of foam and with the Active Grid technology it creates the most comfortable sleep environment. This also means it gives pressure-relieving support and help with spinal alignment.

Waking up to a noise alarm can be the worst way to wake. The Pod comes with a thermo alarm: it will gradually decrease the surface temperature to wake you up naturally and at the time you want. So you can wake up rested and alert.

One of the most valuable aspects of the Pod is the app, that is linked to your mattress so you can see insights into elements like your REM cycles. This shows you what you need to do to have a better sleep and get on the track to becoming sleep fit. It also pairs with your home devices like Alexa and Google Home so you can say, Hey Alexa, heat up my bed. The app allows you to control everything from your phone.

Eight Sleep understands how important it is to be sleep fit, especially when you are training and trying to become the best in your game. Their Pod is helping so many athletes like Danny Greene to become their best and get the maximum recovery out of their sleep.

As Danny says he is not stopping at two NBA titles and we're sure he won't with the Pod by his side.

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