Emma Chamberlain Is Back On Youtube and Back in New York

Emma Chamberlain at Met Gala

Load the confetti cannons. Get the parade ready. Social media star and undeniable it-girl, Emma Chamberlain, has finally made her return to Youtube. After putting her Youtube career on pause late last year, Emma made her highly anticipated return to the platform in none other than New York City – and as a New Yorker and long-time Emma fan, her video was everything I needed and more.

After going on hiatus from the channel that gave her initial claim to fame, the fashion-forward Chamberlain Coffee creator recently returned to the platform with a new video what’s good in new york,” posted on June 22. Considering she hadn’t uploaded to the channel since last December, I was shocked to see my phone light up with a “New from Emma Chamberlain” Youtube notification. I, of course, dropped everything and clicked it immediately.

During her last visit to New York in May, Emma stood amongst the stars at the Met Gala. You may remember her cracking jokes with Billie Eilish, exchanging compliments with Gigi Hadid, and the infamous Jack Harlow flirt. Dressed head-to-toe in Louis Vuitton and decorated with Cartier jewels, her visit was not one I would consider casual. Her outfit alone could’ve paid my rent for several lifetimes. Or maybe just one – it is New York, after all.

Because of this, I expected to click on the video and see a New York I didn’t recognize – a New York bedazzled with diamonds and stars. However, after pressing play, I was comforted to see that Emma had traded luxury brands for Levis and red carpets for city sidewalks. The Queen of Casual had officially returned to her rightful throne.

Armed with a hand-written sign and a handheld microphone, Emma planted herself in the middle of Washington Square Park and asked New Yorkers for their best and worst recommendations as she let locals guide her experience.

After asking where the best spot for food was, she made her first pit stop at Tacombi for a personal favorite – a burrito. Stopping by one of their many locations around the city, she paired their bean burrito with a spicy margarita and was more than impressed with the combo, going as far as to say it was the best burrito she’s ever had – high praise from a self-proclaimed burrito aficionado. Not that I have nearly as much influence as the influencer, but I’d also agree that Tacombi is a must-stop for Mexican in New York.

After shopping in the adorable Daphinette in West Village, she then asked city-dwellers where the best place to hang out was. While most said outdoor spaces like Washington Square Park, one man said his go-to hangout spot was the subway – an extremely questionable choice in my New York opinion. Emma agreed. She couldn’t even get herself to go past the turnstile, and as someone who uses the subway every day, I totally get it, girl.

Making her way to Midtown, Emma made the obligatory stop in Times Square. Although “stop” is probably an overstatement as she saw it and immediately turned around – another instinct I also understand. You couldn’t pay me to spend more than 30 seconds in Times Square. However, she did find herself impressed with the views from the top of the Empire State building, giving the tourist stop a surprising “It Girl” stamp of approval.

After refueling with an iced cold brew from Blank Street Coffee and a chocolate chip cookie from Chip City, Emma ended her video on a high note by making one last stop in Central Park. In the serenity of the city escape, she admitted it to be one of her favorite places to sit in the city, and I can’t disagree. In a city overrun with steel and cement, there’s really nothing like relaxing on a grass lawn surrounded by skyscrapers. Also, if Emma Chamberlain says it’s cool, it’s cool.

However, what her video didn’t include was her stop at 30 Rock as a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as she made her talk show debut. Promoting Chamberlain Coffee and her podcast “Anything Goes,” Emma joked with the host about her interview skills and the reality of the infamous Met Gala bathroom. The Gen-Z queen even took to the streets for the show hosting segment titled “Barista Confessions” where people gave her a confession in exchange for a cup of Chamberlain Coffee. The Youtube personality is so personable that she wouldn’t even have to bribe me with caffeine for me to confess my deepest, darkest secrets to her.

But let that also be a testament to her coffee. A lifelong caffeine drinker, Emma founded Chamberlain Coffee in 2019, promoting herself from coffee connoisseur to coffee entrepreneur. Her coffee comes in various, cartoon-charactered flavors that give each blend its own personality, including Social Dog, Witty Fox, and Early Bird. Along with being responsibly sourced, her coffee bag blend is simple to make – just add water!

So, what does this all mean? Is Emma back on Youtube? Will there be more videos soon? Are we going on a shopping spree in Soho together? Honestly, I don’t know the answer to any of those questions, but in the meantime, I’ll keep my post notifications on and my DMs open.

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