NEW SONG | Mandolin Orange – 'The Wolves'

Mandolin Orange drops Tides of a Teardrop on February 1.

North Carolina duo Mandolin Orange recently released "The Wolves," a track from their forthcoming new album Tides Of A Teardrop, slated to drop February 1 on Yep Roc Records.

Composed of Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz, Mandolin Orange teamed up with their touring band on the new album. However, unlike their last album, Blindfaller, which was recorded live in the studio, they recorded this album more carefully.

Frantz says, "We went and did what most people do, which we've never done before—we just holed up somewhere and worked the tunes out together."

The result is an album with sonic space, a yielding hush between notes that infuses the music with intuitive warmth. According to Marlin, "This record is a little more cosmic, almost in a spiritual way—the space between the notes was there to suggest all those empty spaces the record touches on."

Mandolin Orange - The Wolves

"The Wolves" opens on the graceful signature sound the duo is known for. Hints of country and So-Cal soft rock savors give the music residual energy and texture. The stand-up bass and soft drums provide the rhythm, as the delicate flavors of the mandolin interweave with the guitars.

Marlin's rich, drawling tenor glides smoothly, exuding timbres of melancholic reflection. When Frantz's voice joins in, the harmony is charming and gentle yet evocative.

"At my gate I'll always greet you / At my door you're welcome in / There can be no transgression / As a means to an end / On the wind the wolves are howling / Helping arms are closed in fear / Helping hands are clenched in anger / Broken hearts beyond repair."

"The Wolves" moves on soothing sonic energy, calm and mellow tones, delivering a delightful listening experience.

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