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MAY 21 | Where the water falls, the cars drive and music has a good vibe

THE MIX | Waterfall Drive Vibes

by Chris Jobe

05.21.18 | This is my sunshine, windows down, driving to and from a waterfall in Tennessee playlist. There are about 4 or 5 big waterfalls around Nashville that are literally the best summer escapes and the drives to and from are always filled with sharing the aux chord.

"Love in the Morning"

This is the brand new one from Chris. It shows some him sampling things around the house after he wakes up and his girl is still asleep. You see him construct the song with the beats and sounds he collects. With the MPC, he creates this composition as a very attractive woman walks around. It is funny because those are two things that come in the morning: 1. an idea for a song and 2. half-conscious love making, still drunk on the dreams that leave you someplace between reality and fantasy.

"Thank You Internet"

Facebook premiered the "Thank You Internet" vertical music video on their music page as well as featuring Chris as their 'Artist of the Day' Feb 28, 2018. It has such a catchy hook, we had to listen to it at least three times to catch most of the words. Very clever way to get music out to the net. The song is great on it's own, but the video really makes you take notice of the undertones. This review of the video describes it's impact. "[Chris Jobe] was so sick and tired of the Internet that the wrote a song thanking it. Ever since, he has been rolling around in digital gold thanks to the Internet," according to the Dayton Daily News.

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1. "Love In The Morning"
This playlist starts pretty upbeat with my latest song. It's basically about this time when I woke up after a really bad public shouting match at a bar in Nash with my girlfriend at the time. I remember the next day, waking up and us both apologizing at the same time in our sleepy states. There's something beautiful and positive about resolution coming out of a pretty dreary situation, so that's what I tried to channel in this tune.

2. "Oh Devil"
I found this last summer and basically played it over and over again. It's just a cool summer vibe.

3. "Easy Little Tiger"
This one is from Nashville Pop artist Saint Pressure. I swear this kid is fearless because his music seems so forward and fresh from his lyrics and production. It's just genuine and something I like to blast.

4. "See You Again"
I've never been a Tyler, The Creator fan until his Grammy-nominated album Flower Boy. I played this whole album on repeat last summer and the musical landscapes behind him and his guests, like Kali Uchis and Frank Ocean, are beautiful and such a dope juxtaposition with Tyler's verses. The string sections and bells sound almost like a scene out of an old black and white film.

5. "So Like LA"
This is another Alt/Pop Nashville artist, Nate Head. I've known Nate for a while and he has changed so much in the last 4 years, finding himself and his music. This song has been blowing up on blogs for good reason, it moves very uniquely, kinda floating as an internal dialogue of sorts sprinkled with Tame Impala inspired production. I'm such a huge fan of this stuff.

6. "Thank You Internet"
I released this one back in October of last year and released a vertical music video on Facebook back in FEB that went viral with over 1 million views. I made the track in June of last year after watching a ton of my friends get signed to pub deals while I was still waiting tables. Feeling left out and cheeky, I wrote something I didn't intend to release but then realized that just about everyone feels this way about our contrived social media lives.

7. "Summer Friends (Ft. Jeremih & Francis & The Lights)"
Ok so the first six songs were kind of the soundtrack to the drive to the waterfalls, the last four are kind of the drive back after maybe you've had a good swim, a few drinks, or maybe even some jazz cigarettes. We are chilling and Chance is taking us there. I love his delivery, it's so soft and organic. He never seems to be trying which is just as endearing as his positivity, you can't hate on it.

8. "Crystal Clear"
My buddy Sarob lives up in Columbus, Ohio and he has such a dope approach to R&B. This is another viber with his Sarob's killer delivery and upright bass and e-piano motifs. I feel like this could be on so many TV shows. He is going to be on my mixtape coming out this summer, that song is fire.

9. "Godspeed"
If my life were to be a compilation of aerial scenes of me driving under summer sunsets, Frank Ocean would be singing in the background. Nuff said, I dare you to not cry listening to this tear jerker of a track.

10. "We Find Love"
Okay maybe I'm just an emotional wreck, but THIS SONG- will be on every summer playlist I ever make. Canadians have been celebrating Daniel Caesar for a while now, but I didn't get hip till last year. This song is just so real, worldly, honest, and beautiful. The lyrics, "We find love, we get up, then we fall down, we give up", just seem to be so strikingly heartbreaking and yet surely comforting like a warm hug from a old friend.

Chris Jobe

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