Top 5 Epic Gamer Moments for National Video Games Day

We're counting down the most epic moments in gaming history!


Every real gamer worth his achievement score knows that gamers are the most oppressed minority in the world!

That's why National Video Games Day might be the most important holiday. After all, there's a whole Gay Pride Parade and an entire Black History MONTH, but gamers only get a single day to show society what we're all about. So, in hopes of showing the world that us real gamers (not stupid mobile gamers lol) really do deserve respect, we're sharing the top 5 most EPIC GAMER MOMENTS:

5. Ninja rages at a kid and then makes an anti-bullying PSA.

Top Fortnite streamer, Ninja, is one of the most successful gamers in the world. He's even got green hair, just like the #1 gamer drink, Mountain Dew. But even cooler than his sick Fortnite skills and fashion sense is the fact that Ninja is a pro at screaming at children.


That kid got owned, epic style. When an adult man mocks a child's voice on livestream, you know that's a great gamer moment in the making. Then, to really hammer it in, Ninja made an anti-bullying speech to show that only the most skilled virtual warriors are allowed to dunk on children.

Ninja Talks About Bullying

4. PewDiePie says the N-word.

If there's one thing every true gamer is known for, it's saying racial slurs. Pro gamers like Ninja and fellow Fortnite star Tfue get to live the dream every day by saying racial slurs on Twitch with no consequences, but YouTube is another story. So you better believe that when PewDiePie, the most famous YouTube gamer ever, dropped the N-word on livestream, it was one of the best epic gamer moments of the century! On a sad note, though, PewDiePie recently pledged a $50,000 donation to the Anti-Defamation League, which is totally not epic and goes against everything the official gaming community stands for.

Pewdiepie uses the n-word live on stream (uncensored)

3. Minecraft creator, Notch, Tweets about hating trans people.

Here's a fun gamer quiz question: What's cooler than playing Minecraft?

Notch Minecraft

Creating Minecraft! But what could possibly be cooler than that? Hating transgender people, of course. Amazingly, Markus "Notch" Persson has done it all, giving him an honorary epic Gamerscore of at least one million. On top of Tweeting pro-white supremacist talking points and QAnon conspiracy theories, Notch also tweeted, "I'd rather be a fascist c*nt than have a feminine d*ck." GAME OVER, TRANSGENDERS! Unfortunately, his Tweet has since been deleted, but that didn't stop lamestream PC Microsoft from purging almost all mentions of Notch from Minecraft and not inviting him to their 10th anniversary celebration. That's just bad sportsmanship.

2. MrDeadMoth hits his pregnant partner on Twitch.

Hating women is a natural part of a gamer's DNA. While most legit gamers wouldn't be caught dead with a woman, even gamers who do have girlfriends still hate them. This is especially true when nagging women try to interrupt their important gamer streams with stupid, boring, real-life "responsibilities." So when a small Australian streamer named MrDeadMoth beat his pregnant partner on livestream after she interrupted his game of Fortnite, that was just the epic gamer moment he needed to launch his name into the big leagues. Watch out though, gamers, as this video is disturbing––Disturbingly EPIC, that is!


1. Ben Shapiro vs. Andrew Neil on BBC

At the end of the day, great gaming always comes down to epic match-ups. And as far as epic gamer match-ups go, it's hard to find better than the duel between legendary gamer and propagandist Ben Shapiro and conservative BBC journalist Andrew Neil. The two sat down to discuss Ben Shapiro's book (which is chock full of gamer FACTS and LOGIC), but when Neil prodded Shapiro about his ideas, Shapiro had a temper tantrum and RAGE QUIT.

Ben Shapiro: US commentator clashes with BBC's Andrew Neil - BBC News

Afterwards, Shapiro was so humiliated that he publicly debased himself on Twitter. Talk about an epic gamer battle!

In closing, it just doesn't make sense why everyone hates us gamers. Why do so many people discriminate against us just for playing video games, even when so many other people play games now, too? Is it because we play real video games while those sub-humans only play mobile games? Is it because we hate women, minorities, and especially Jews, and actively defend sexism and racism every chance we get? Or is because they just don't like people who are different than them, people who they don't understand? That's the problem with society.

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