Superet Releases Live Studio Performance of "YDS2M"

The indie alt rock band releases a live studio performance of "YDS2M."

L.A. indie rock band Superet continues to combine their laid-back, psych-synth pop tendencies with grungy and dynamic instrumentations in their latest music video for their song "YDS2M."

The video, which has been released in support of their debut album How To Work A Room, is a minimalistic yet engaging visual shot live in studio. Viewers first see drummer Sam KS sitting at his drum set, shaking a pair of maracas as the band makes their way down a mirrored staircase. The rest of the band makes their way to their instruments, with lead singer/guitarist, Matt Blitzer, being the first to join the persistent percussion line with a cohesive guitar riff and his zestful vocals.

"Director/Editor/Ethan Berger and Cinematographer Stefan Weinberger have been good friends of ours for a long time," says Blitzer. "They did an incredible job at taking a simple concept and making it a pleasure to watch all the way through. We hope to work with them on larger video projects soon."

The video, like the song, continues to tug and pull the viewer's focus from one band member to the next with its quick intercuts, successfully reflecting the confusion and frustration expressed in the track's lyrics. We feel a tension rise with the band's effortless layering of attention-grabbing synths, steady bass, and invigorating guitar lines, finding ourselves reflecting on what the "breakdown at the corner of love" really is and sorting through the changes we may go through as we hopelessly fall in love with someone.

"YDS2M" is just one example of the band's ability to write songs full of emotional intelligence and infectious energy. The band's debut album, How To Work A Room, continues this self-aware theme, especially in tracks like "Comes As Relief" and "Go To Sleep Kimberly," which were produced and mixed by Dave Fridmann (Tame Impala, MGMT, Spoon) and mastered by repeated Grammy winner Greg Calbi.

Blitzer shares, "When entering the 'room' in which this album exists, we carry with us a few things in common. Tales of heartbreak, isolation, confusion, and desire. The age of the conversationalist and the art of socializing is in rapid decline. The average attention span is dissolving by the second, and we are more anxious in social settings than ever. Our daily lives are filled with rooms. In each one, a potential risk. Our minds and bodies are designed to improve with disorder. Take the risk, embrace disorder, work the room."

In support of their new music, the band will be touring for the remainder of 2019. They recently wrapped up an East Coast tour with I Don't Know How But They Found Me.

Check out Superet's video for "YDS2M" below!

Superet - YDS2M [Live Studio Performance]

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