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Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande's "Rain On Me" Is the Perseverance Anthem We Need

The two pop divas' long-awaited collaboration shows the power of surviving the storm.

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande are on a mission to help you bring the club to your home.

Less than a month after linking up with Justin Bieber for quarantine love song "Stuck With U," Grande makes another appearance on "Rain on Me," the latest single from Lady Gaga's upcoming sixth album, Chromatica. Driven by a four-on-the-floor shuffle that harks back to 2000s bloghouse, "Rain on Me" is a party anthem perfectly optimized for sweaty clubs and drag routines the moment we're all allowed to share the dance floor again. As Gaga and Grande's voices share the spotlight harmoniously, the song feels like shared memories of nights out with friends and a glimmer of hope that those nights might return soon.

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Shein's Swastika Necklace Scandal: Fast Fashion or Just Fascism?

A cultural misunderstanding may be responsible for Shein's swastika necklace scandal...but it's still an awful company

Popular fast-fashion retailer Shein came under fire this week for selling a swastika necklace on their website.

A Chinese company, Shein has become well-known for their inexpensive clothing and accessories, often featured in so-called "haul" videos on YouTube. Shein has since removed the necklace from their site and issued an apology. But screenshots of the faux-gold necklace—listed for between $2.50 and $4.00 as "Metal Swastika Pendant Necklace"— quickly spread on social media, with users expressing their disgust at the apparent insensitivity to what that symbol represents.

Earlier this month Shein was called out for cultural insensitivity after listing Muslim prayer rugs—some featuring an image of the sacred Kaaba in Mecca—as "Fringe Trim Carpets" for decorative use and for selling traditional Southeast Asian dresses modeled by white women and renamed to remove cultural signifiers.

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Tekashi 6ix9ine Is 2020's Greatest Pop Star

The disgraced rapper continues to play us all for a fool.

Tekashi 6ix9ine is the perfect pop star for 2020.

As Donald Trump tells Americans to drink bleach and disregard social distancing, the controversial actions of the loudmouth Brooklyn-based rapper seem to all be in line with the beliefs that make up the Twilight Zone existence of 2020. In the fall of 2019, when 6ix9ine dismantled the New York faction of the Nine Trey Bloods in the most high-profile federal racketeering case of the year, it was announced that 6ix9ine signed a 10 million dollar record deal with his former label while behind bars for his reduced sentence . Later that fall, Showtime, Snapchat, and the rapper 50 Cent all announced they'd each be penning their own separate docuseries focusing on the rise and fall of the Crown Heights emcee. In the public eye, pop culture icons continued to write off the rapper as a fraud, while behind the scenes, 6ix9ine continued to rack up notoriety as music's biggest antagonist. By the end of his sentence this past fall, one couldn't help but wait with bated breath to see what he'd do next.

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