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I Found Literally Every Turkey Movie for Thanksgiving

Gobble Gobble, Motherf*ckers.

Gravitas Ventures

There are shockingly few Turkey Movies™.

Seriously. In all of human history, we've made the bare minimum amount of Turkey Movies. No, I'm not talking about Thanksgiving Movies™––if you want a boring list of mashed potato shlock, you can hop on over to any other website. Here on Popdust, I'm talking about movies that literally feature turkey characters in a prominent role. And I'm telling you, after over a decade of grueling research, there are basically only four movies that fit my criteria––which is pretty much just that there is a character who is also a turkey.

Much like a Thanksgiving turkey, I'm sure you're dying to get stuffed with hot Turkey Movie facts:

Free Birds

Free Birds Relativity Media

One might call Free Birds the definitive Turkey Movie, as it stars not one, not two, but three leading fowls. Starring the voices of Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson, and Amy Poehler––all as turkeys––Free Birds follows a presidentially "pardoned" turkey who travels back in time to save all of turkeydom from the evil, turkey-hunting colonialists. If, for whatever reason, you want to watch a family-friendly, turkey-centric adventure movie on Thanksgiving, this is pretty much the only one that exists.

ThanksKilling (and also ThanksKilling 3)

ThanksKilling 3 Gravitas Ventures

Let's say you're spending this Thanksgiving without any kids around, so you decide to watch something a little spooky but also would prefer it to revolve around turkeys. I don't know what poor life decisions have led you down this path, but I'm excited to inform you that there is a movie franchise tailor-made for you. It's called Thankskilling, and it stars a demonic turkey who murders people while saying fun catchphrases like, "Nice t*ts, b*tch!" There is no ThanksKilling 2.

Turkey Hollow

Turkey Hollow Lifetime

Turkey Hollow is a The Jim Henson Company TV movie that aired on Lifetime and features narration by American rapper Ludacris. If that sounds, well...ludicrous...yeah, it really does. The plot revolves around two kids in a remote town who try to track down a mythical monster called a "Howling Hoodoo" and stumble upon a group of turkey-like creatures. So yes, I'm stretching because they're not actually turkeys, but they look kind of like gross diseased turkeys and the movie is called Turkey Hollow, so sit down and shut up.

Turkey Town

Turkey Town Gravitas Ventures

A poorly animated turkey named Gobbles invites you to a Thanksgiving party where he sings and dances for you. It is over one hour long. There is no Wikipedia page. Gobble is an abomination. You can watch Turkey Town on Amazon Prime. Good luck.

And that's it. I've gifted you every single Turkey Movie in existence. I'm leaving now.

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