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Eerie 90s Flashbacks: Troi Irons' "Strangers"

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Worth a listen, but not quite there.

The intro to "Strangers," a new single by Los Angeles-based singer Troi Irons, instantly calls to mind a deep cut from one of the best albums of all time: Ok Computer by Radiohead.

Yes, it's this music critics opinion that a special ring of hell is reserved for plagiarists, but I am nevertheless of the opinion that a knowing quotation of another's work is perfectly acceptable — laudable, even.

However, while I'm tempted to be similarly charitable to Troi Irons, the main instrumental hook of her new single bears too strong a resemblance to Radiohead's "No Surprises" — a track from their hit 1997 album — to be judged anything but thinly disguised re-appropriation.

After hearing the whole track, it's clear that Radiohead's third album is far from the only 90s-era object in Irons' jewel box of musical influences. But the whole affair sounds so hyper-sincere, angsty and self-absorbed, it's tempting to think that the musicians her work evokes - Alanis Morissette, Liz Phair, Trent Reznor, the list is long - are being conjured as objects of ridicule.

Musical satire is a rare commodity these days, but Irons' "Strangers" is simply a musical anachronism, one that'd be almost refreshing if its emotions were more convincing. Nevertheless, the song has potential, and Troi Irons is an artist worth watching.


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