Waterstrider Takes Listeners on a Journey in New Single "Way Out"

Experimental indie singer-songwriter channels hardships of the last year into new single.


Bay Area singer-songwriter Nate Salman, better known by musical moniker Waterstrider, has returned to the experimental indie scene with a new mysterious guitar and synth-fueled track, "Way Out."

The song comes ahead of his upcoming EP of the same name, which is set to be released May 31st.

Following a series of personal ups and downs, including his home in Santa Barbara being threatened by fire and flood, a painful breakup, a persistent illness that landed him in the hospital, and even being bitten by a potentially rabid bat, Salman began working on the album. "When things hit hard, they hit really hard," said Salman. The singer harnessed the negative energy in those hardships and turned them into something beautiful with his upcoming EP.

The track begins with a hypnotic guitar line that seems to pull the listener into a pool of sound before washing them in a wave of entrancing vocals and synths. "Way Out describes a journey away from everything that is known and understood, in the hopes of finding meaning and truth outside of the self," says the singer. His effervescent vocal delivery drips with vulnerability, especially in poignant lyrics like, "Nobody asked for me to answer, now I'm shaking from inside."

For the rest of the song, listeners follow the track's journey with Salman's lively vocals as the guide as they euphorically float smoothly over a sonic background full of rich textures. "Way Out" then takes a more intense turn with a full-bodied sound collage that combines the previously introduced elements of shimmering guitars and persistent percussion with Salman's intensified vocalizations.

The track closes with a subtle stripping away of the many digital and acoustic components that made up the whole experience, ending the journey that the song took listeners on and showing them that they have made their "way out."

Check out Waterstrider's latest single "Way Out" below!

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