EXCLUSIVE | Brooklyn Wildlife Summer Festival 2017 (Sept 2nd - 9th)


Afropunk is 200 dollars for a weekend. Burningman will cost you thousands of dollars! You can get the BK WILDLIFE PASS for $50 bucks!

"This is a pass to 10+ events. Over 160 independent bands and performers, no corporate sponsorship. Support independent arts. The normal cost to attend these events would be $65 or more." - Christopher Carr, Brooklyn Wildlife Founder

My favorite time of the year has arrived! Brooklyn Wildlife's annual Summer Festival kicked off today! This is the largest completely independent festival of it's kind in the United States, and as a New Yorker, I think it's the best way to spend the first week of September.

Various BWSF2017 event fliers, each artfully designed

While people pay hundreds of dollars to attend a few days at festivals backed by giant corporate sponsors, BWSF2017 operates completely independently, and opens it's doors to the public for eight entire days of live music, art, food, and fun. What does that cost you? A total access pass costs only $50, and you can purchase it right here. Not down for an entire 8 days of ridiculousness? That's cool too. Each singular day is super affordable, and provides entertainment and experience miles apart from what you might have witnessed the previous day. There is literally nothing like it in the world, and it's all happening right now in NYC. Over 160 performers from around the world are gathered here to support the festival and connect with new and existing fans alike. If you can make it to any of the shows, I can promise you, you are in for a treat.

Unacquainted with Brooklyn Wildlife? Take a gander at the slideshow below, which chronicled their winter event 30 Days of Art, which takes place every January:

Slideshow of the wildside, bro!

Some images may be shocking

Grow the community

Get groovy at GAMBA

Be colorful with @LillyWolf

Get Ratchet by Nature

Dope indie talent - Ohene Cornelius

Drop the beat, no BS

Create something new with Crimdella

Speak street gospel with @Deascent

Indulge in the wilderness

Meet new legends

Everything is better glow-in-the-dark

Follow the rabbit

Express with no limits

Pop a bottle

...and another


Cause anarchy with The Cold Press (thecoldpressmusic.com)

Make art just 'cuz

Live and die like royalty

Art inspired by music inspired by art

This guy...

These women :)

Those memories...

Appreciate your creative peers

Raise a glass

Rock out... @BrentButlerMusic

Life got flipped, turnt' up... side down - GAMBA

Own the crowd with @LillyWolf

Neon meeee, when you're not strong...

Portrait created at show by @Artist_Emor

In the mix with @QueCee115

Have your Chris, and Carr it too, with @EatthecakeNYC

Never a dull moment

Dress up. Or don't dress at all, that's fine too.

It's all love and great people

L to R: @BrentButlerMusic, @QueCee115, and @Deascent - photo by Chris Carr

Hang where the wild things are

Ride the wave with Laura Brooks

Okay, go ahead and pop one last bottle, its @BKwildlife

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