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DEWR Premieres Music Video for 'Front Line'

Photo Credit: Alex Haager

"Dream Pop is Over."

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DEWR is the musical project of indie pop artist Brian Dewar, who is based in San Francisco.

"Front Line" is the title of DEWR's latest music video. The song is from his new EP, Dream Pop Is Over. "Front Line" is about the schemes some employ to fit their loved ones into cookie cutter molds of their expectations. In "Front Line," Dewar makes it clear that he's not buying into it anymore.

In effect, "Front Line" is Dewar asserting his dissatisfaction.

Front Line - DEWR

"Front Line" opens with jarring guitar riffs flowing into an alt-pop tune full of pensive colors. The measured beat ramps up, infusing the music with a punk-lite feel that surges with rebellious energy. As the music drops back into its rolling momentum, Dewar's nasal voice depicts his disenchantment.

The video is a visual representation of a cry for help, as Dewar tries to fend off the casual nonchalance toward life happening around him. The bass player does his own thing, while the drummer eats a donut and goes off on flashy fills, or stops to tie his shoe. All this occurs as Dewar sings his heart out, trying to explain his predicament to anyone who might be listening.

The lyrics are interesting because on the one hand, Dewar doesn't stoically resign himself to suffering, but on the other hand, neither does he verbally revolt. Instead, he hints around that we should "read between the lines."

"I'm moving forward / In a war that I'm quite sure is over / And it's likely in a short time / I'll be falling asleep on the front line."

"Front Line" gives off a feeling of casual detachment while simultaneously burning with lyrically suppressed energy.

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