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The Bliss is Producing Neon Pink Electro-Pop

Delicious electro-pop with dreamy vocals.

Known for producing artists like Leona Lewis, Nicole Scherzinger, Gallant, and SZA, Felix Snow has a new project. He and singer TYSM, aka Chelsea Davenport, hooked up for The Bliss.

Their name, The Bliss, comes from the way music makes them feel.

Snow says, "Our definition of music is bliss. It's pretty simple, yet completely honest. We followed our intuition versus following intellect. Hopefully, you experience the same feeling listening to it that we did making it."

The duo first met at the Rose Bowl, where Davenport was working as a waitress. Once Snow heard Davenport sing, he decided to work with her on his EFFESS label. Inspired by a nasty breakup, Davenport wrote "Honeymoon Phase," a vibrant electro-pop number that scored big right from the get-go. She followed with "Wraith" and "Rearview."

The Bliss - Nothing Scares Me Anymore [Official Music Video]

"Nothing Scares Me Anymore" opens on ethereal synths followed by Davenport's voice. The tune flows into an electro-pop melody full of surging colors and textures. A contagious rhythm propels the music forward with stylish dance-like energy, as dazzling harmonies infuse depth and luminous dimension. As the song culminates, a soaring synth injects vivid tones, adding majestic swoop to the harmonics

TYSM's rich voice secures the song with its posh, sinuous flow. It's a dreamy voice, full of alluring sensations, like a soft summer breeze.

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