Hotel Mira Lives To Fight Another Day In New Video For "This Could Be It For Me"

The music video for "This Could Be It For Me" wrestles with sadness and despair, but comes out on top in an enjoyably bombastic fashion.

Hotel Mira's newest video is a colorful delight, dressing up its thematic darkness with a distinct rock-glamour.

"This Could Be It For Me," the band's latest release, has a theatrical, breathless feel to it, reminiscent of the indie-rock boom of the 2010s. The track's gleefully cynical lyrics and dance-club sound are propulsive, infectious down to the choir-like backing vocals on the hook.

The music video, directed by Zachary Vague and Sterling Larose, vibrates on the same vampy frequency: Hotel Mira frontman, Charle Kerr, frolics across the screen shrouded in darkness, dolled up like French royalty, or floundering in rising water with chains draped around his neck, all of these images saturated with shadow and drama. The full band is performing the song under an overpass, outlined by a hard red light, when the chorus swoops in: "Is anyone here by themselves? / 'Cuz this could be it for me."

Hotel Mira - This Could Be It For Me (Official Video)

But for all its surface glitz and familiar flavor, "This Could Be It For Me" is still more interested in grappling with the internal darkness inside each of us more than its interested in darkness as a video aesthetic. According to Kerr, the track is engineered to be a tight exploration of depression and despair, before "drawing the sad conclusion that even if you make it through this chapter, you're gonna have to go toe-to-toe with all this bullshit again sometime soon." The visuals, paired with Hotel Mira's performance, make the song feel more potent this way, turning the track's theatricality into a coping mechanism, a way to transform the darkness into something fun.

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