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Janice Prix Explores Maternal Loss on "Nobody Would Know"

The indie-pop group boast dark choruses, aching lyrics, and flickering guitars.

Indie-pop outfit Janice Prix premieres the music video for "Nobody Would Know," the title track from their new EP.

"Nobody Would Know" probes the loss of familial connection from the viewpoint of a mother whose selfishness and childish behavior have alienated her children. The band explains, "The song is based upon stories from within our own families. It's about lonely people that have no one left to turn to and nowhere to go. They want to talk, but nobody wants to listen."

Janice Prix - Nobody Would Know (Official Music Video)

Based in Trollhättan, Sweden, a town dominated by punk and metal, Janice Prix, made up of Richard Henry (vocals), Viktor Kivi (guitar), MK (bass), and Victor Hillström (drums), fashioned a toehold in pop music by means of sheer tenacity.

Opening on an orchestral riff, "Nobody Would Know" flows into a pop melody thrumming with dark potency, as Henry's woeful tones carve through the soundscape, relaying the woman's pain and regret.

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